Geography of Honolulu
Geography 366
Syllabus - Fall 2012 DRAFT for Discussion

Lecture topics and readings , numbered for reference more than sequence. (Assignments and due dates are on the schedule .)


  1. Introductions; Administrative Overview; Expectations; Comments on Reading and Writing
    Readings: Syllabus
  2. Geography & Urban Geography: Perspectives and approaches to studying cities
    Getis & Getis (1995) "Cities" p239-267 in The United States and Canada: The Land and the People
  3. Some Resources for Geographic Research: Archives; Hamilton Library: Hawaiian Collection, the "Morgue";
    State Dataooks 2001 -- 2010
    C&C of Honolulu DPP Parcel and Zoning Data
    American Factfinder (US Census)
    van Loon (1932) "A New World" p495-503;
  4. Defining "Honolulu"; It's location and character;
    (Distances map from Atlas of Hawaii)
    (Honolulu County US Census Bureau map)
    City Charter Sec. 1-102 ;
    State Constitution Article XV ;
    Comparisons to some other cities from US Stat. Abs. Tables (assorted);
    "City unveils plans for Honolulu's urban core";
    Census 2000 Honolulu Co. (from SF1) vs Census 2000 Honolulu CDP (from SF3)
    NW Hawaiian Islands (esp. "History" and "Maps") and
  5. Downtown & Harbor
    BSM 5, 6, & 11;
    Foreign-trade Zone No. 9
    Greer (1998) "Old Honolulu Waterfront"
    Gast (1973, 2002) "Marin Plants his Vineyard"
    Wu (2004) "Downtown office vacancy rate fall toward 10 percent".
    "Foreign trade zones can offer savings."
    HI DOT Honolulu Harbor
  6. The Backdrop: Site & Situation. Placenames.

  7. Physical Setting: Location, Geologic Origins, Ocean and Climate situation.
    Macdonald, G. et al. p420-452 "Geology of Oahu";
    Woodcock, D. p35-43 "Of Posterosional Landscapes, Arrivals, and Extinctions"
    TenBruggencate, J. "Floods, hotter climate in isles likely by 2090"
  8. Biogeography of Oahu: Species, Origins, Zones. biotic colonization (simulation)
    Readings: Wester "Vegetation" p38-50 from J. Morgan Hawaii: A Unique Geography; Sohmer & Gustafson p145-154; Carlquist p 155-160 (illustrations), Pesky Peacocks , Coqui ID , Coqui sounds
  9. Physiography, Placenames and Mo`olelo: Naming some Regions, Ridges, Peaks, Valleys and Streams
    W.D. Alexander "Hawaiian Geographic Names", Appendix 7. pp 367-425 in Report of the Superintendent of the Coast and Geodetic Survey Showing the Progress of the Work July 1, 1901 - June 30, 1902 (Washington DC 1903) (here)
    BSM 1-16 (know neighborhoods ridges, valleys, peaks and streams);
    USGS maps;
    (Sterling & Summers (1978) Sites of Oahu esp. p257-338);
    (Pukui, Elbert & Mookini Place Names of Hawaii (1974));
    Map Links ;
    Fall 2010 Map Quiz List and Base Image and Google Earth KML file of Quiz Places
  10. Neighborhoods Overview
    Getis and Getis (1995) "Neighborhoods" p.269-295 in The United States and Canada
    McGranaghan p115-132 "Honolulu's Neighborhoods"
    Maps of income, education, etc.
    Honolulu Magazine's story (reference?)
  11. Kapolei
    Napier, A.K. "Where is Kapolei?", Honolulu Magazine, June 2000, ppg 38,39,65,68-70.
    "Job hopes rising in Kapolei"
    "Demand drives Kapolei Building" (with map)
    "Road relief coming to Kapolei" (with map)
    "DHHL focus on Kapolei" (with map)
  12. People, Populations, Property, and Land Issues.

  13. Polynesian settlement & Patterns / Hawaiian Population
    Nordyke p3-12;
    Dye p1-20;
    Stannard p3-31, 105-113, and 114-121
  14. Post-European-contact settlement pattern and pressures; Immigration
    (Daws 1968);
    Beechert p1-67;
    (Ii p(49-)89-101)
    Nordyke The Peopling of Hawai'i (p. 1-98)
  15. Pacific Land tenure systems
    Crocombe p1-17 "Trends and Issues in Pacific Land Tenure Systems"
  16. The 1848 Mahele and Ceded Lands
    Kame`eleihiwa "The Moment of Mahele" p200-225;
    Jaworowski Ceded Lands
  17. The 1874 "Act to Provide for the Sale of Mortgaged Property Without Suit and Decree of Sale"
    R. H. Stauffer (2004) Kahana: How the Land Was Lost, Chapter 3, "Counter-Revolution, 1874-1887" especially pp. 93-103. (notes).
    Andrew Gomes "Foreclosure trap widening" HonAdv 20040801
  18. ... Neighborhood Interlude ...

  19. Waikiki
    McDonald p179-219;
    Downwind's Interactive map
    Waikiki Sand (HSB)
    Ohana Waikiki Hobron plan (PBN)
    Condo in plans for Hobron Purchase (Adv)
    Hotels slowly loosing ground (Adv)
    Beach Walk redevelopment (HSB)
    Edgy Lee video;
  20. Documentary Video: Taking Waikiki
    Readings: None. Catch up.
  21. ... back to ...

  22. 20th Century Development and Land Reform
    Pinkham (1906) "Waikiki Reclamation";
    (Nordyke ch3);
    Dove 1907 and Monsarrat ca.1900 maps (east) (west)
    Cooper & Daws (1990) p1-15,35-41;
    Fuller "Land Reform" p7-13;
    Chapter 38
    Lease to Fee Conversion Law as an issue. ;
    Condemnation Resolution
    PUC Development Plan (especially see the maps)
    Primary Urban Center
  23. Honolulu's Streets
    BSM p. i;
    Clark p5-25;
    Krauss (2001) "Making Sense of Our Streets".
  24. Affordable Housing and Homelessness in Honolulu
    "Homes resell at record prices" (see what Paul Brewbaker says is 'affordable' at the end of article) (Adv)
    Housing & Community Development Corporation of Hawaii ,
    Federal HUD programs (look for "housing choice vouchers" and "Section 8") ,
    HCDCH Homeless Programs,
    Ronna Bolante "Driven to the Streets" Honolulu Magazine, Aug 2002.,
    Call for action increases (and related articles).
    "Harris seeks all-purpose center" (Adv)
    "Point man for Bush pushes new cure for homelessness" (Adv)
    "One'ula Beach homeless hit road" (Adv)
  25. Public Spaces and Gated Communities
    "Private Islands" Honolulu Weekly, v.13, n.13, pp1,7-9, Mar 26-April 1, 2003
  26. Political Geography

  27. Political Geography: Multi-level districts (Federal, State, City&County, Neighborhood Boards, Visioning Teams)
    State Legislature Website ,
    Oahu Districts Map
    Board of Elections
    City Council Districts
    Honolulu Neighborhood Boards (map) (home)
  28. Political Geography: Election Geography, Voter Patterns, and Issues
    HI Office of Elections (esp Precinct Maps),
    Mayor race splits Oahu (check the charts) ;
    Turnout Slightly Higher than Last Election ;
    Low Poll turnout: Sign of decaying politics (editorial) ;
    Voter registry down 9.5% ;
    The Vanishing Voter ;
    Hon Adv 2003 Legislative Survey (01/15),
    Legislature Website, then Legislative Information, then hunt ...
    Some issues in the 17th House District (GYK Pang 6Aug04) ,
  29. Some Systems that Support Us

  30. The Water Supply and Sewer Systems
    State Data Book
    HBWS Website (see "Oahu's Water History" under "About Us",
    USGS Water Quality Report (2004);
    State Water Commission
    Urban Groundwater Database;
    SB on Kalaeloa Desalination ;
    HA on Kalaeloa Desalination ;
    Oceanit Kalaeloa Plant ;
    SB 6Aug2001pA3;
    F. Peterson "Water Resources" p51-60 in Joe Morgan Hawaii: A Unique Geography
    C&C Dept of Environmental Services
    Navy Strikes Oil at Pearl Harbor
    Sewage Pumped into Ala Wai Canal Mar 28, 2006 find news stories...
  31. Film: The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
  32. Food: Sources, Flows, Markets, Prices, Destinations
    2001 State Data Book Tables;
    "Pesky leafhoppers plague watercress crop again";
    Meadow Gold Hawaii;
    Meadow Gold US ;
    Fleming (click "distribution", then the Oahu dot);
    Y. Hata and the military ,
    Foremost Dairy suspends production ,
    Times and Fujioka's .
  33. Energy: Sources, Distribution, Consumption
    2001 State Data Book Tables 17.1-17.19 ;
    HECO web site;
    Fuel Oil Use in Hawaii;
    Diane Leone "Plugged in: Hawaii's quest for power boosts interest in renewable resources", SB 10Jun2001
    HECO "Overview of Oil Usage in Hawaii" ;
    Foreign oil behind trade deficit .
    Power consumption increasing on Oahu
    Use of electricity hits all-time high on Oahu
    Letter: We're paying too much for electricity
    ca. 16 Aug 2004 news papers for record day for HECO demand.
    Gas prices by zipcode
    1992 assessment of solar energy potential
    DBEDT's Dec 2006 Report on Renewable Energy
  34. Public Safety: EMS, Crime, Police, Corrections, Fires, Fire Department, EMT
    EMS Organisation Page (see Unit Map)
    HPD Home Page
    District Map
    Crime Stats
    HFD website,especially the map ,
    Dept of Public Safty (i.e. corrections)
    "91% of major crimes unsolved"
    "Crime on Oahu dips to 3-year low"
    Old Kakaako Fire Station on South Street
  35. ... Neighborhood Interlude ...

  36. Chinatown and the Great Fire
    Revised Ordinances of Honolulu See Sec. 21-9.6 & 21-9.9 regarding the Chinatown Special District; it's about 4/5 of the way through Chapter 21 - Landuse.
    Board to hear plan on special district
    Loft showcases what Chinatown could become.
    Loft apartment now allowed in Chinatown.
    Chinatown cultivates an art chic.
    City may try to block condos near Chinatown.
    Honolulu Star-Bulletin series on The Great Chinatown Fire: City at War: the Great Chinatown Fire
  37. ... and back.

  38. Waste: Rubbish, Trash, Recycling, H-Power, and Landfills
    2001 SDB Table 5.28,
    ROH Ch 9 ;
    Trash problem mounts;
    Investigation of Waipahu illegal dumping expands;
    Options whittled to five for Oahu ;
    Deadline near for choosing landfill site on Oahu ;
    Rubbish collection snapshot ;
    C&C Opala Page ;
    Crash course on 'bottle bill' ;
    Surprise dump site chosen .
    Many cesspool users likely to miss deadline (Adv)
  39. Transportation

  40. Transportation: External - Harbor and Airport
    HI DoT Web Site (Harbors and Airports) ;
    2001 State Data Book Tables 18.39-18.41 and 18.54-18.60 ;
    Leidemann "Honolulu Harbor facilities must expand, officials say" ;
    "Horizon plans $287.5 million IPO" (note Carlyle Group's markup) ;
    some notes .
  41. Transportation: Internal Flows, Modes, Volumes, Problems and Options
    HI DoT Web Site (Highways) ;
    2001 State Data Book Tables 18.1-18.28 ;
    Oahu Trans 2K
    Bikeway Plans and Maps or here ;
    Criticism of BRT Doesn't Match Reality (Cheryl Soon)
    Honolulu traffic on road to less gridlock, study says...
    Traffic tops priorities ...
    Traffic expert: State lacks 'catastrophe' plan.
    High efficiency cars?
    Rail project EIS etc.
    Peter Boylan "Oahu landowners bracing for rail" Hon. Adv. 22 Dec 2008
  42. Transportation: Telecommunications and Broadcasting
    State Data Book Tables 16.x ;
    PUC Verizon and Carlyle
    Oahu Radio Landscape changes .
  43. Income, Industry and Economy

  44. Current Patterns of Population, Income & Housing Characteristics
    income notes
    Economic, Education, and Household and Housing maps at State GIS
    Krugman "For Richer"
  45. Industries and Employment by sectors and tracts
    State Data Book
  46. Retail and Service Industry Location
    BSM Index "Shopping"
    D. Johnson "Another Round of Zoning" p317-320 in City and County of Honolulu
    Current city plan
    Andrew Gomes "Retail Boom means prepare to shop"
  47. Medical Geography, Facilities, and Public Health
    DOH Vital Stats(see Vital Stats, Vital Signs, etc.)
    Health Trends Hawaii (see Reserach etc.)
  48. Education: School Infrastructure, Expenditures and Outcomes
    2001 State Data Book Section 3 .
  49. ... More Neighborhood Interlude ...

  50. Kaka`ako
    S. Apgar, "title?" Honolulu Weekly, 27 June 2001, p6 et seq.
    HCDA website
    Lingle pushes for progress in Kaka'ako
    A&B High-rise Condo press release
    Peri Cope's 761 Project
    Joe DeMattos' blog
    look for other recent newspapers on Medical School development
  51. Mo'ili'ili
    Halliday (1998) "Moiliili Karst"
  52. Kaimuki and Palolo
    Burl Burlingame "Kaimuki" ,
    other SB stories on Kaimuki
    "Lucky they live Palolo"
  53. Kalihi
    Readings: Susan Yim, "Proud to Be from Kalihi", Honolulu Magazine, February 1996, pp. 24, 26, 28, 30, 32 "City of Honolulu" Map by F.E. Harvey in 1916 and/or "City of Honolulu" Map by Southworth in 1914.
  54. Kapalama and Palama
    Readings: Nishimoto (2000) "... Palama Settlement, 1896-1929."
  55. Makiki
    Readings: "Urban challenges confront Makiki"
  56. Manoa
    Readings: Coulter & Serrao (1932) "Manoa Valley"
  57. McCully
  58. Liliha
    Readings: "Loving and living in Liliha"
  59. Kapahulu
    Readings: Advertiser dining map revisited;
  60. Hawaii Kai & East Honolulu
    Readings: Kamilonui Valley farms feel development pinch
  61. Iwilei
  62. Special Issues and Topics

  63. Religions, Churches, Cemeteries and Heiau
    BSM (look up cemeteries in index);
    Schmitt (2000) "Cemetery for Foreigners";
    Pang (HA, 12Jun2002) "Aiea graveyard endures as an island in time";
    Bricking (HSB, 15Feb2001) "Calling off search to yield endless grief";
    Fullard-Leo "Sacred Burial Practices";
    Mike Gordon "30 forgotten graves found in Kaka'ako"
  64. Public Art and Galleries
    SFCA tour brouchures Capitol District and Chinatown
    UHM Campus Art Brochure
  65. Surveillant Honolulu (and Honolulu by Web-Cam)
    Readings: Camera trouble hinders crime fight
    Dobson and Fisher 2003 "Geoslavery"
  66. Bars, Breweries, Grog Shops and Night-life
    Schmitt (1994) "Grog Shops and Hotels";
    Schmitt (1997) "Beers and Brewers"
    State Data Book licensing data

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