Geography of Honolulu
Assignment Due Dates
Fall 2012 (tentative for discussion)

Week Assignment Due
2 Google Earth locations for your home, job, this school building, a friend, grocery store, and travel times to reach them. (details here)
3 Downtown Honolulu Holoholo. (details here)
4 Using the Hawaii State Data Book, especially the "Geography and Environment Section", answer these questions .
5 Census Look-up. Looking up the statistical characteristics of places to compare them. (Here)
7 Electoral Politics: who represents you? (Here)
8 Termpaper Proposal. 2 pages. Answer what? why? and how? See (here) for advice.
9 Walkability, how walkable are Honolulu's neighborhoods? See here.
11 Counting Containers
12 Draft Termpaper. (hints here)
13 Map Quiz. MC. Based on Maps 1-16 of Byan's plus peaks.
14 Do one of these options: (1) Museums. (2) Fish auction. (3) Botanical Gardens.
15 Final termpaper due.

Alternatives to consider:

Surveying Snowbirds in Waikiki
Counting Shipping Containers
Checking Census Counts
Predicting an Election
Finding Neighborhood Boundaries
Gardening on your Block
Mapping Noise
Mapping Scents We Smell
Koolau Peaks and Ridges in Poetry
Street Henge
The Boat Trip (is no more)