Honolulu Harbor

oblique aerial photograph


Shown to Capt William Brown of Butterworth in 1792.


On the order of 98% of the "stuff" that's here comes through the Harbor.

In 1999, the Harbor handled 12,259,000 short tons of cargo (2000 HI SDB, Table 18.57).

The harbor has over 1,200 over-seas and over 2,600 interisland vessel arrivals each year

Date from the 2007 Hawaii State Data Book. Section 18. "Transportation" (See these tables:
18.45 Harbor Depth (facilities data),
18.52 Ship Arrivals and Cargo Tonneage,
18.53 Cruise Ship Passengers,
18.56 Commerce X Commodity X Harbor.)


(from the Honolulu Advertiser)

Future Plans

Honolulu Harbor 2020

Pier 38 Fishing Village (here)