Applets of potential use in Geog 366

AggregateTravel - calculates the aggregate straight-line population-weighted travel distance from Oahu census blockgroup centroids to a point you click. Reports latitude, longitude, and aggregate travel distance (people-km).

RandomBSM - selects a random area in town, indicated by reference to a map number, row letter and column number "cell" in Bryan's Sectional Maps. Click in the box.

MarketGame (ver. B) - Two players compete to capture Oahu's trade by placing stores among the Census blockgroups. The closest store gets the business.

TransitGame - Try to site the transit system to minimize costs and maximize access to stations. The cost figures are crude, but on the right order of magnitude, and allow comparison of one solution with another.

AllCent3 - simulates an evolving market system in which 'stores' fail or succeed dependent on proximity to customers.

Colonize - crudely simulates colonizers trying to reach Hawaii from the edges of the Pacific.