Course Announcement

Geography of Honolulu: GEOG 366

Meeting: MWF 1:30 - 2:20
Instructor: Matt McGranaghan
Office: PSB 313, 956-7092,

Overview: This course is a geographer's look at contemporary Honolulu, set in a wider spatial and historical context. We will consider physical and social aspects of the city's geography, from systematic and regional perspectives. We will mix lectures, readings, direct observation, discussion and writing. Topics will include: Honolulu as places: neighborhoods, placenames and physiography. Honolulu as systems: moving people, water, food, goods, energy, information, sewage, and waste. Honolulu as a place with patterns of development, culture, income, health, religion, education, industry, language, crime and employment.

Maps and Readings: We'll use the city, Google Earth, Hawaii State DataBook, Brayan's Sectional Map of Oahu, USGS maps, other web resources, and collected reserve readings.

Requirements and Grading: Attendance, engagement and participation are expected. Grades will be based on several components:

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