TheBoat Trip
(not the interisland Super Ferry)

There is a new ferry service between Kalaeloa and downtown, called TheBoat. Up to date details of its operation should be at: www.trytheBoat , TheBoat's web site.

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this assignment is to expose you to one of the options that has intermitently been explored for commuting on Oahu --- ferry service along the leeward coast.

In September 2007, a new walk-on ferry service from leeward Oahu to the harbor near Aloha Tower came into operation. The assignment is to experience that trip and write a brief description of it, assessing its suitability as a commuting option.

INSTRUCTIONS: Take a round trip on the ferry. Learn what you can about the service from the website and the the crew. Talk with fellow passengers about their commuting options and impressions of TheBoat. Fianlly, write-up your impressions.

THE REPORT: It should be a one or two page report describing what you found. You might want to follow an outline something like this: