Survey of Snow Birds

OBJECTIVE: The objective is to gain familiarity with surveying to learn about a sub-population... in this case, snowbirds in Waikiki. These a long term visitors, and probably different form most tourists maybe more like cyclical migrants. (See: for examples RC Mings and K McHugh on RV Nomads, and MC Chapman on cyclical migrants.)


  1. We'll design a survey. Asking about "usual" home, length of stay, type of accomodation, typical activities, etc.
  2. Conduct an in the street survey. To collect that data and ascertain what percentatge of people in Waikiki are Snowbirds.
  3. We'll try to compare our findings with "regular tourists" and with snowbirds in otehr parts of the country.
  4. Write and submit the report.


Hold yourself to a 2 page maximum. Don't waste a coversheet. On the first page, put your name, the class and assignment, and the date in the upper left. Skip a couple of lines and start your report, which in several paragraphs should: Tell what questions you were after, your methods for getting subjects/participants and the results. Pay attention to comparison with other types of tourist here and snowbirds elsewhere.