Situate Yourself in Honolulu's Political Geography

OBJECTIVE: The objective is to gain familiarity with Honolulu's political geography: its City Council Districts, Neighborhood Board Districts, State House and State Senate Districts, election districts and polling places, --- especially as they relate to your home. Secondarily, you should become aware of the current concerns within these districts, and who your representatives are.


  1. Find out which districts contain your domocile and where its polling place is.
  2. Use the web sites.

  3. Identify your representatives.
  4. Identify concerns in the area.
  5. Where do your representatives stand on these issues?


Hold yourself to a 2 page maximum. Don't waste a coversheet. On the first page, put your name, the class and assignment, and the date in the upper left. Skip a couple of lines and start your report: "My address, _______, lies in the ______ US Congressional District, Honolulu City Council District ______, Honolulu Neighborhood _______, Hawaii Senate District ______, and Hawaii House District ______. This is also electorial district ______ which has its polling place at ______."

The next paragraph should very briefly characterize the place, and specify several recent issues or concerns of the residents.

The next few paragraphs should indicate who your representatives are at each of these levels of government, and what they have done with respect to the concerns.