Noise Map

OBJECTIVE: To map the level of noise across the city. (Reference: Timothy Dyke's "Decible Meter Madness" in Honolulu Weekly, 10-11-2006.)

MOTIVATION: The level of noise to which we are subjected affects our well-being and our experience of the city.

INSTRUCTIONS: We have access to several decibel meters that can measure noise levels objectively. The project should be a systematic sample in order to map or compare noise levels in part of the city.

THE REPORT: The main part of this is your map. You might map this as an overly for a page of Bryan's Sectional Maps, or you might want to do this with Google Earth, or some GIS. Either way you should show where you sampled and how loud the environment was at each place. (Maybe a range of minimum and maximum recorded.) If you can caracterize and show the kinds sounds (traffic, wind in trees, emergency vehicles, machinery, etc.) please include that. Also if there are "point sources" show where they are.

Pau with option.