Predict an Election Result

OBJECTIVE: The objective is to gain familiarity with polling to predict election outcomes. political geography: its City Council Districts, Neighborhood Board Districts, State House and State Senate Districts, election districts and polling places, --- especially as they relate to your home. Secondarily, you should become aware of the current concerns within these districts, and who your representatives are.


  1. Pick an election district to study using the State's Office of Elections website (here)
  2. Conduct an in the street poll to try to ascertain the percentatge of support for the several candidates / issues on the ballot. (We might be able to do an exit poll.)
  3. Compare your results with the election results.
  4. Write and submit the report.


Hold yourself to a 2 page maximum. Don't waste a coversheet. On the first page, put your name, the class and assignment, and the date in the upper left. Skip a couple of lines and start your report, which in several paragraphs should: Tell what race(s) in what electoral district you studied. Describe your sampling method, sample size, and results. Compare what you found with the actual election results.