Boundaries between Neighborhoods

OBJECTIVE: The objective is to explore the ways that neighborhoods are defined/conceptualized. The idea is to observe/elicite the relative frequency with which names are applied to places. Especially here, I am interested in the transition from one neighborhood label to another.


  1. We'll need to design a survey and a sampling protocol. Maybe as simple as going to a set of street corners that constitute a transect across two neighborhoods and at each corner asking "What neighborhood is this?"
  2. Conduct an in the street survey.
  3. Compile it into tabular and map forms for analysis.
  4. Write and submit the report.


Hold yourself to a 2 page maximum (plus maps and tables). Don't waste a coversheet. On the first page, put your name, the class and assignment, and the date in the upper left. Skip a couple of lines and start your report, which in several paragraphs should: Tell what neighborhoods and the sampling strategy. Plot and describe the nature of the transition that found. You should consider how the transition you found relates to on the ground differences, or to neighborhood borad boundaries, or to census boundaries.