Compare Two of Honolulu's Botanical Gardens

OBJECTIVE: Visit gardens in different parts of the city to note their characters and to compare them for differences in their composition.

INSTRUCTIONS: Visit, explore, and compare two of the following botanical gardens.

For each of the two gardens: list ten plant species that you found in the collection, and make a (half-page) sketch map of the lay-out of the garden and showing its orientation relative to the compass, local relief and trade winds. On each map indicate the approximate locations of the ten plants that you found there.

THE REPORT: This one my take a couple of pages if you count the maps. Compare the gardens. You might want to address: Where are they? What is the history and purpose of each garden? What are their settings like? What (general kinds of) plants are there? Is there much commonality in the plants in the gardens you visited?

Hold yourself to 2 pages; one with tight descriptions, comparison and the species lists, the second with the two sketch maps.