Geog 340 Virtual Field Trip Assignments

The virtual field trips component of this class is intended to allow you to explore, in some detail, places in North America that interest you and to provide practice in describing interesting places and issues to your colleagues. (Places associated with larger issues or concerns can make the latter more concrete.) I wonder how well we can bring a geographer's eye for place, landscape, life-ways, and statistical arcanery, to the post-modern eclecticism of internet moderated exploration of the world to produce compelling and informative vignettes.


The goal is brief (~10 minute) oral presentations making specific places in North America memorable for your classmates. Explore and present the character of the place in geographic context, integrating information from multiple sources.

Reference to physiographic, environmental, ecological, cultural and administrative contexts should figure into the content. The sources should include your text, Google Earth, Street View, U.S. Census Bureau, "Confluence", newspapers, web articles, etc. Instruction on using these resources will be provided in class.

The presentations should demonstrate your growing geographer's perspective and analytic competence as well as your ability to communicate orally. The presentations should be clear, well organized, and make appropriate use of maps, (aerial) photographs, statistical tables and summary graphics to convey your meaning and impressions.

Provisional Hallmarks

The hallmarks that I think we should consider for these are (subject to revision):

Grading will be based on the fit to the hallmarks, as assessed by the class and myself. Constructive feedback will be provided.