Geog 340 Book Review Assignment

The assignment is to read and write a review of a book that either (1) describes a place or a trip in, or (2) considers a 'regionalization' of North America --- placing particular emphasis on whether and how the author creates (or fails to create) a sense of place for the reader. The review is to be approximately 1,250 words.

There are many books that describe journeys and places in North America. A short list of examples is below, you may pick one of these, or you may prefer to find and suggest one that interests you. Before you begin, we need to have agreement on what book you are reviewing.

As background to this assignment, we will discuss in class the notion of a 'sense of place'. We will discuss the responsibilities of a book review writer, and, as needed, we will spend some time on standards of academic writing, and tools to support the academic writer.

Examples of Books Suitable for This Assignment:

Some of these are relatively recent and some from other eras; do read with some eye toward the context of the writer.

One approach...

A good self-directed approach to finding a suitable book is via the UH Library's Hawai'i Voyager system. In the online "card" catalog do an "Advanced" search, specifying "description and travel" in the Subject (SKEY) and a place, area, or region of interest (e.g. "Great Plains") as a Keyword Anywhere (GKEY). This is useful for finding books on a particular area (or subject) when you don't know a title or author to seek in our library.