Geography of North America
Geography 340 (Sp 2014)

Meeting: TTh 7:30-8:45 PSB 310

Instructor: Matthew McGranaghan
PSB 313 956-7092

Overview: The Geography of North America provides an overview of the physical and cultural geography of the continent. It addresses locations and patterns of population, natural resources, industry, agriculture, and transportation and communication networks. It introduces the various regions and examines their characters. The course assumes some familiarity with geographic concepts as might be gained in 101 or 102 or 151. (map).

Readings: The back-bone of the readings will be: J.H. Paterson's North America (9th ed.) 1994. Oxford University Press. New York, New York. (A used copy should cost you about $2.) We will make considerable use of GoogleEarth (tm) and statistical and other resources available on 'the web'. Supplemental readings from newspapers and other sources will be added as we go.

You should also have an atlas or map such as Edward B. Espenshade (ed), 1995. Goode's World Atlas, the Readers' Digest Atlas of America, or Bartholomew's 1:10,000,000 scale North America: Continental Travel Map to bolster your reading.

The schedule of readings and topics are indicated on the syllabus.

Requirements and Grading: Attendance, participation and engagement are expected. You will need keep up with the readings and written assignments and be prepared to discuss them in class. Grades will be based on several components:

Looking across these assignments, you will note that only 20% of the grade is from exams, 40% is for oral presentations, and 40% for writing. The component scores will be summed, natural breaks in the distribution of the sums will be considered, and my best professional judgment used in the assignment of grades.

My hope is that we will act as a community of scholars to help each other broaden and deepen our understanding of North America through reading, writing, and speaking about it.