Course Announcement

Geography of North America
GEOG 340


Meeting: TTh 7:30-8:40 AM PSB 310
Instructor: Matthew McGranaghan
Office: PSB 313, 956-7092,


The Geography of North America provides an overview of the physical and cultural geography of the continent. It presents patterns of population, natural resources, industry, agriculture, and transportation/communication networks, and examines regions and their characters. The course assumes some familiarity with geographic concepts as might be gained in 101 or 102 or 151.

This offering is both OI and WI.

Readings, Requirements and Grading:

The back-bone readings will be from two texts: J.H. Paterson North America (9th ed.). (1994. Oxford University Press. New York New York.) and Joel Garreau The Nine Nations of North America. (1981. Houghton Mifflin. Boston. In paperback since 1992.). An inexpensive atlas or map set will also be required. Supplemental readings will be provided.

It is expected that you will keep up with the readings and written assignments and be prepared to discuss them in class. Grades will be based on several components (oral presentations, writing, map quiz, and exams) as listed in the course description.

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