Geog 104 Schedule of Topics (*)

Standing assignment: Read at least one chapter of Thrower per week.

Week Topic, Readings, and Assignment
1 Introduction: objectives & requirements; perspectives.
Reading: Adler "How to read a book (excerpt)"; S. S. Hall "Latitude, Longitude, Infinitude: Scientific Mapping and the Reinvention of Geography" ; A. M. MacEachren "The Roles of Maps"; ; Thrower (TOC and get overview of book)
Assignment: Compare On-Line Maps.
2 Maps, Scale, & Space more generally: absolute, relative, relativistic, digital, and mental
Reading: Thrower Ch1 & 2 Robinson and Sale Ch2; D. Wood "Introducing the Cartography of Reality"; Pogge "GPS and Relativity" ; Goodchild and Proctor 1997 "Digital Scale";
Assignment: Mental maps and spatial constraints.
3 Earth Shape Models: sphere, ellipsoids, geoids, and pin-cushions; Location, Direction and Distance on Earth (bees do it too!)
Reading: Robinson and Sale Elements of Cartography (3rd ed) ch 2; Wikipedia "World Geodetic System"; Thrower Ch3
Assignment: Checking some distances in Google Earth Earth shape, distances and directions in GE.
4 Field Mapping Intro. Distances and angles on the ground.
Reading: TBA Thrower Ch4
Assignment: compass and pacing exercise
5 Map Projections: concepts, properties and examples
Reading: Robinson and Sale (3rd ed) ch 10; Flater "Understanding Geodetic Buffering"; Thrower
Assignment: QGIS and Map Projections.
6 & 7 Topographic Maps and Symbology; Map Coordinate Systems: LL, UTM, SPCS, National Grid
Reading: USGS National Map Website; Thrower
Assignment: Reading contours and slope, route planning and hillshading on topographic maps: Topo Map Use
8 & 9 Intro to GIS (w/ QGIS choropleth map of world population density)
Reading: Thrower
Assignment: QGIS, choropleth maps, classes, and projections
10 GIS Analysis in QGIS
Assignment: Congressional Gerrymandering? using QGIS geometry functions.
11 Remotely Sensed Imagery: Photographs, Scanners etc w/ image geometry.
Reading: Rindfuss and Stern "Linking Remote Sensing and Social Science: The Need and the Challenges" ch 1 in NRC's People and Pixels; S. S. Hall "Ground Truth: Landsat Maps and the Remote Sensing Revolution" in Mapping the Next Millenium; Thrower
Assignment: Image Interpretation in Google Earth and Bing.
Mid-Term about here
12 Remotely Sensed Imagery: Image Classification
Reading: Cowen and Jensen "Extraction and Modeling of Urban Attrbutes Using Remote Sensing Technology" ch 8 in NRC's People and Pixels;
Assignment: Extracting map data from RS images (GE or Landsat) & integrating it with other data in (Q/Arc)GIS Image Classification
13 Making it Look Good! (or at least Better.)
Reading: Robinson and Sale Ch 11 "Cartographic Design";
Assignment: new -- QGIS or inkscape and SVG?
14 Map representation: Truth v Statement: Ontological Status of Maps and Social implications and Recap
Reading: S. S. Hall "Elephants for want of towns"; J.K. Wright "Map Makers are Human";
Assignment: Compare On-Line Maps.
15, 16 Student Project Presentations
Assignment: be done!
Finals Final Exam (Scheduled as per the University Calendar)
* --- We'll try to hold to this but may need to adjust as we go.