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Main Topics:





Hotpotatoes. A free software (for education) for the creation of interactive exercises.

Webquests Some Thoughts about WebQuestsby Bernie Dodge. Examples. Templates.

Educational Simulations Projects and simulations.

Second Life Virtual World



Mariajordno.com for fast and easy review of hundreds of tools to create quizzes, e-platforms, publications on e-learning, etc

Tips4teachers- Schools and online Social Networking

Successful Learning- Center for Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL)

CALL4ALL- Links and Library

SOME READINGS ON THE TOPIC (a variety of topics, actually)

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My language exchange - Place to find a languageexchange partner- More than 115 languages from more than 133 countries.

El sonido de la naturaleza. Textos/audios en español sobre temas de la naturaleza.

Veinte Mundos. Website with learning materials ( Reading, Listening, Vocabulary and Grammar)

Centro Virtual Cervantes- Virtual classroom from Instituto Cervantes. Exercises, puzzles, interesting actrivities.

El Instituto Cervantes en Second Life- La sede virtual del Instituto Cervantes en Second Life

Página de la Lengua Española. Spanish language page. Information abot institutions, literature, pulblications, forums, etc

Español para viajeros. Travelang.

En busca de las esmeraldas. 3D interactive exercise to practice directions.

BBC Mundo - News in Sanish

BBC Language Resources - All levels includes videos and authentic language and scenarios for different speech acts and functions, including pragmatic information.

BBC Language games - Crossword puzzles, character games, letter soups

EducarChile Educative lessons in Spanish for multilple levels (for L1 Spanish)

For those students who insist on working on their grammar:

Spanish Language and Culture by Barbara Kuczun Nelson. Interactive exercises. Grammar exercises based on cultural texts, songs, ... Includes pictures, audio, and interactive exercises.

Ejercicios multimedia. A variety of exercises. Audio, songs, video. Includes many comercials and cultural videos developed into good interactional exercises.

Free Puzzlemaker - Word searches, criss-cross,mazes, hidden message,...

Prensa Latina

Prensa Latina Prensalatina provee enlaces a periódicos y revistas en español y de otros países del mundo, todos disponibles en internet.

Lateral Una excelente revista de literatura y cultura en español. Ofrece entrevistas, crítica y noticias.

Lisa Johnson's page at Sweet Briar College which includes links to live internet radio transmission all over the Spanish speaking world. http://ripley.wo.sbc.edu/departmental/library/quiosco/



Some readings

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Some of my presentations

Technology for TBLT - A 10 minute video presentation (it may take a few seconds to start)

CALICO 2011 Presentation - PDFed Prezi

HALT 2012 Presentation (with P. Chandler) PDFed Prezi

HALT 2012 Workshop for Spanish teachers (with P. Chandler) PDFed Prezi

16th LLL Conference Open Pleanry. Communities on-line: language, culture, and idntity. PDFed Prezi

Conversation Analysis of Computer-Mediated Communication for L2 Learning- Georgetown University Department of Linguistics guest presentation (February 2013) - Prezi Presentation- References

Learning to say goodbye- Presentation at the "Thinking, Doing, Learning: Usage Based Perspectives on Second Language Learning"Conference. University of Southern Denmark, (april 2013) PDFed Prezi Presentation