Nick Burger

Nick works for the RAND Corporation and is a co-author on a number of papers.

Gary Charness

Gary is an experimental economist who’s published some really cool papers. He was on my PhD committee and we’ve worked on some field experiments together.

Here are some brief bios of other researchers that I have written papers with. Click on the images to be redirected to their homepages.

Chris Costello

Chris is a resource economist who works on a number of inter-disciplinary projects. He was the co-chair of my PhD committee.

Steve Gaines

Steve is a marine ecologist and an authority on marine reserves. He was the co-chair of my masters thesis committee.

Sarah Lester

Sarah is an ecologist at UCSB’s Marine Science Institute; she works on larval dispersal, biogeography and marine reserves.

Roger Nisbet

Roger is a theoretical ecologist and was the co-chair of my Ecology masters thesis committee. He’s the co-author on an excellent book on Ecological Dynamics.

Quentin Grafton

Quentin is an economist at Australian National University.

Jeremy Prince

Jeremy is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Murdoch University and spearheads a number of “Barefoot Ecologist” programs around the world.

Martin D. Smith

Marty is one of the world’s foremost fisheries economists and has written some seminal papers on marine reserves. He’s on the faculty at Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment

Jim Sanchirico

Jim is based at UC Davis and is one of the world’s top fisheries economists.

James A. Wilson

Jim is Professor of Marine Sciences and Economics at the University of Maine. He does a lot of interdisciplinary work and published a paper in 1990 that had a big impact on my thesis work.

Ilan Noy

Ilan is an economist working on international and development questions. We’ve started collaborating on a project focused on marine coastal disasters.

Rod Fujita

Rod is the Director of Research and Development in the Oceans Program at the Environmental Defense Fund and the author of Heal The Ocean.

Fiorenza Micheli

Fio is a marine ecologist at Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station.

Alex Markham

Alex is currently an MBA student at Stanford.

Andreas Leibbrandt

Andreas is an experimental economist at Monash University in Australia. He has worked with some of the pioneers in behavioral and experimental economics.