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Lohiatala, Maluku, Eastern Indonesia (1995)

Processing sagu for food from the starchy pith the sago palm Metroxylon sp. PALMAE

sago2.gif The sago pith is crushed and washed and...
sago2.gif the filtered juice is left to dry in the sun for a few days to be packed into cakes for long term storage for a wide variety of eats
papeda.gif (91693 bytes) Papeda, has a texture similar to Hawaiian poi and a gentle tang to it. Papeda is the favored starch in Maluku, along with rice. It is a fine counter balance to all the spicy, rich, and salty foods that make up a meal.

The grubs that feast on the pith of the sago palm are themselves eaten by Lohiatala residents, as rich and fatty as a peripatetic pads of butter.

meal.gif A meal of tumeric rice, shaved coconut, salted fish, tempe, tofu, swamp cabbage (Ipomoea aquatica, a soporific!) and ferns...toothsome grinds.

kitchen.gif This is my host's kitchen and the make shift drying rack for plant specimens

katok.gif Katok (Phyllanthus sp., EUPHORBIACEAE. Eaten for its galactagogue properties by nursing mothers

manirang.gif Manirang (Phyllanthus debilis is used in a few compound medicines to treat malaria, jaundice, and bengkak.

East Kalimantan, Borneo (1994)

dorkids.gifUpper Bahau, Kalimantan

dukuns.gif Kenyah Dayak healer

Pui Bilung Lerang, dayung (traditional healer) of East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

orthsip.gifKumis kucing, Cat's Whiskers, used for a variety of bladder and kidney ailments.

Plant remedies and commercial products of Java (1991)


dryjamu.gifSome of the spices featured in traditional and commercial jamu remedies and tonics.

jamu.gifCommercial jamu packages.

sumatra.gifJamu being sold at a market in Sumatera.


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