Database Design & Creation
LIS 674 (Fall 2015)

Note: do not confuse this class with LIS647 System Analysis for Information Management (given the similarity of the codes)

Course Description (from UH catalog)
Designing and creating textual and/or directory databases from the viewpoint of information specialists and content providers. Needs analysis, file design, record content and structuring, software choice. Students implement prototype database.

Detailed Course Description
Behind most computerized information system there is a backend database; the performance of the system depends of how well designed the database is; understanding how a database is structured will give you knowledge to present diagrams (ER diagrams) with specifications of the data, metadata, standards, relationships, queries and reports needed.

Structuring information is the purpose of the semantic web project, one of the most important works for the future web. This project is being conducted by the inventor of the web, Tim Berners-Lee, as a way to bring order and improve finding information in the web. You will be aware of how many of the ideas in this project seem to be expansion of LIS principles for cataloging, indexing, and retrieval, applied to organization of any kind of information (e.g. booking flights, shopping, administration, health, entertainment, education, etc.)

Students will gain practical experience and will be able to: If you are not a LIS students: I have to release a code before you can register; contact me at

Topics Covered
For LIS students: LIS670
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