ICS 624 Advance Data Management (Spring 2015 CRN 89405)

General Information


This is a seminar-format course and readings will be drawn from recent articles published in the following conferences/journal: SIGMOD, VLDB, ICDE, EDBT, CIKM, WWW, SIGIR, Mobisys, MDM.

Grading (Tentative)

Class Schedule (tentative)

Paper reviews are due in Laulima->Discussions BEFORE the class which discusses the paper. Each student is expected to lead discussions at least three times during the semester.

Week Date Topic Readings Remarks
1 Mon Jan 12 Course Organization    
1 Wed Jan 14 Database Systems One Size Fits All: An Idea Whose Time has Come and Gone (pdf), (ppt)  
2 Mon Jan 19 Martin Luther King Holiday    
2 Wed Jan 21 Big Data Can the Elephants Handle the NoSQL Onslaught? (pdf)  
3 Mon Jan 26 Big Data High Performance Stream Query Processing With Correlation-Aware Partitioning. (pdf)  
3 Wed Jan 28 Big Data Hybrid Parallelization Strategies for Large-Scale Machine Learning in SystemML. (pdf)
4 Mon Feb 2 IR Who is the Barbecue King of Texas?: A Geo-spatial Approach to Finding Local Experts on Twitter (pdf)  
4 Wed Feb 4 Crowdsourcing CrowdScreen: Algorithms for Filtering Data with Humans (pdf)  
5 Mon Feb 9 Compression Principled Dictionary Pruning for Low-Memory Corpus Compression (pdf)  
5 Wed Feb 11 IR Bundle recommendation in ecommerce.(pdf)  
6 Mon Feb 16 Presidents' Day Holiday    
6 Wed Feb 18 IR Skewed Partial Bitvectors for List Intersection (pdf)  
7 Mon Feb 23 Entity Resolution Tracking Entities in the Dynamic World ... (pdf)  
7 Wed Feb 25 Data Analytics Engaging with Massive Online Courses (pdf)  
8 Mon Mar 2 Data Analytics The Company You Keep: Mobile Malware Infection Rates and Inexpensive Risk Indicators (pdf)  
8 Wed Mar 4 Graph Data Schemaless and Structureless Graph Querying (pdf)  
9 Mon Mar 9 Multimedia IR Up Next: Retrieval Methods for Large Scale Related Video Suggestion (pdf)  
9 Wed Mar 11 Big Data Explore-By-Example: An Automatic Query Steering Framework for Interactive Data Exploration (pdf)  
10 Mon Mar 16 Project Proposals    
10 Wed Mar 18 Project Proposals    
11 Mon Mar 23 Spring Break    
11 Wed Mar 25 Spring Break    
12 Mon Mar 30 Data Integration Intro to Data Analytics and Data Integration (pdf) Basics (pdf)  
12 Wed Apr 1 Data Integration TPC-DI: the first industry benchmark for data integration (pdf)  
13 Mon Apr 6 Data Mining Exploring Data (pdf). Classification: Decision Trees (pdf)  
13 Wed Apr 8 Big Data Metro Maps of Science (pdf)  
14 Mon Apr 13 Data Mining Classification: Decision Boundaries, Overfitting, MDL, Metrics (pdf)  
14 Wed Apr 15 Data Mining Classification:Rules, kNN, LR, AR, Cubist. (pdf)  
15 Mon Apr 20 Data Mining Classification: NBC, ANN, SVM, Ensemble (pdf)  
15 Wed Apr 22 Data Mining Association Analysis (pdf)  
16 Mon Apr 27 Data Mining Cluster Analysis (pdf)  
16 Wed Apr 29 Project Presentations    
17 Mon May 4 Project Presentations    
17 Wed May 6 Project Presentations    

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