ICS 624 Advance Data Management (Spring 2013 CRN 88542)

General Information


This is a seminar-format course and readings will be drawn from recent articles published in the following conferences/journal: SIGMOD, VLDB, ICDE, EDBT, CIKM, WWW, SIGIR, Mobisys, MDM.

Grading (Tentative)

Class Schedule (tentative)

Paper reviews are due in Laulima->Discussions BEFORE the class which discusses the paper. Each student is expected to lead discussions at least three times during the semester.

Week Date Topic Readings Remarks
1 Mon Jan 7 Database Systems Architecture of a Database System (pdf) slides (pdf). LY.
1 Wed Jan 9 Database Systems One Size Fits All: An Idea Whose Time has Come and Gone (pdf), (ppt) slides (pdf). LY.
2 Mon Jan 14 Big Data Parallel Database Systems: The Future of High Performance Database Systems (pdf),
MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters(pdf)
slides (pdf). LY. Google MR(vid)
2 Wed Jan 16 Big Data Analyzing Massive Astrophysical Datasets: Can. Pig/Hadoop or a Relational DBMS Help? (pdf) slides (pdf). Serge
3 Mon Jan 21 MLK Holiday    
3 Wed Jan 23 Mobile Data Mgmt A survey of mobile phone sensing (pdf) Alex
4 Mon Jan 28 Web Search The anatomy of a large-scale hypertextual Web search engine (pdf) Todd. (vid), (vid).
4 Wed Jan 30 Web Search Facet discovery for structured web search: a query-log mining approach (pdf) Jordan. Project Proposal due Fri 1700h.
5 Mon Feb 4 Location-awareness LARS: A Location-Aware Recommender System (pdf) Chris.
5 Wed Feb 6 Mobile Data Mgmt Energy-efficient trajectory tracking for mobile devices (pdf) Tianli
6 Mon Feb 11 Location-awareness Hyper-local, directions-based ranking of places (pdf) Dylan
6 Wed Feb 13 Mobile Data Mgmt Continuous nearest neighbor search (pdf) Todd. r-tree (pdf)
7 Mon Feb 18 Presidents' Day Holiday    
7 Wed Feb 20 IR Predicting quality flaws in user-generated content: the case of wikipedia (pdf) background (pdf) Jordan. slides (pdf).
8 Mon Feb 25 Datamining Mapping Large Scale Structure in the Universe - An Ongoing Case Study in Data Mining Prof Jim Heasley. slides (pdf).
8 Wed Feb 27 Mobile Data Mgmt ACE: exploiting correlation for energy-efficient and continuous context sensing (pdf) Alex. slides (pdf).
9 Mon Mar 4 Semantics Automatic Taxonomy Construction from Keywords (pdf) Julie
9 Wed Mar 6 Data Mining On Discovery of Traveling Companions from Streaming Trajectories (pdf) Tianli
10 Mon Mar 11 Mobile SwordFight: enabling a new class of phone-to-phone action games on commodity phones (pdf) Dylan
10 Wed Mar 13 Project    
11 Mon Mar 18 Mobile Data Mgmt Who killed my battery?: analyzing mobile browser energy consumption (pdf) Online Review.
11 Wed Mar 20 Streaming Auto-parallelizing stateful distributed streaming applications (pdf) Online Review & Discussion. Project Progress Report due 1700h.
12 Mon Mar 25 Spring Recess    
12 Wed Mar 27 Spring Recess    
13 Mon Apr 1 Semantics Probase: a probabilistic taxonomy for text understanding (pdf) Tianli
13 Wed Apr 3 Compression How to wring a table dry: entropy compression of relations and querying of compressed relations (pdf) Chris
14 Mon Apr 8 Social Networks Choosing the right crowd: expert finding in social networks (pdf) Dylan
14 Wed Apr 10 Compression Performance analysis of image compression using wavelets (pdf) Serge
15 Mon Apr 15 Compression Relative Lempel-Ziv factorization for efficient storage and retrieval of web collections (pdf)  
15 Wed Apr 17 Streaming Enhanced Stream Processing in a DBMS Kernel (pdf)  
16 Mon Apr 22 Compression Query-aware compression of join results (pdf) Online
16 Wed Apr 24 Semantics Semantic queries by example (pdf) Online
17 Mon Apr 29 Project Presentation    
17 Wed May 1 Project Presentation    

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