ICS 624 Advance Data Management (Spring 2011)

The original ICS624s11 website was accidentally deleted. This is an approximate reconstruction.

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Grading (Tentative)

Class Schedule (tentative)

Week Date Topic Readings Remarks
1 Mon Jan 10 Course Organization and Overview of Database Technology Architecture of a Database System LY
1 Wed Jan 12 Overview of IR technology Intro to IR: Ch 1,2,4,6 LY slides (pdf)
2 Mon Jan 17 Holiday: MLK      
2 Wed Jan 19 Database Query Optimization Access Path Selection in a Relational Database Management System ZH slides (ppt)
3 Mon Jan 24 Data Warehousing 1. An overview of data warehousing and OLAP technology
2. Multi-dimensional clustering: a new data layout scheme in DB2
KY slides (ppt) LY slides (pdf)
3 Wed Jan 26 Parallel Databases Parallel database systems: the future of high performance database systems JT slides (pdf)
4 Mon Jan 31 Web Search The anatomy of a large-scale hypertextual Web search engine JG
4 Wed Feb 2 Big Data MapReduce: simplified data processing on large clusters GL slides (ppt)
5 Mon Feb 7 Big Data A comparison of approaches to large-scale data analysis JC
5 Wed Feb 9 New Hardware StableBuffer: optimizing write performance for DBMS applications on flash devices JW slides (pptx)
6 Mon Feb 14 Streaming NiagaraCQ: a scalable continuous query system for internet databases AC slides (ppt)
6 Wed Feb 16 Streaming SPADE: the system s declarative stream processing engine ZL slides (pptx)
7 Mon Feb 21 Holiday: President's day      
7 Wed Feb 23 Games SPADE: the system s declarative stream processing engine
An evaluation of checkpoint recovery for massively multiplayer online games
EM slides (pptx) & KT slides (pdf)
8 Mon Feb 28 Streaming Fault-tolerance in the Borealis distributed stream processing system BH slides (pptx)
8 Wed Mar 2 Big Data Bigtable: A Distributed Storage System for Structured Data GB
9 Mon Mar 7 Data Mining BIRCH: an efficient data clustering method for very large databases D slides (pptx)
9 Wed Mar 9 Data Mining The wisdom of social multimedia: using flickr for prediction and forecast T slides (pdf)
10 Mon Mar 14 Data Mining/Graph Data Towards the web of concepts: extracting concepts from large datasets LM slides (pdf)
10 Wed Mar 16 Graph Data Pregel: a system for large-scale graph processing LY slides on RDF (pdf) CM slides (pptx)  
11 Mon Mar 21 Spring Break      
11 Wed Mar 23 Spring Break      
12 Mon Mar 28 Scientific Databases PanSTARRS PSPS JH slides (ppt)  
12 Wed Mar 30 Data Integration Entity Resolution with Evolving Rules LY slides (pdf)  
13 Mon Apr 4 Big Data Megastore: Providing Scalable, Highly Available Storage for Interactive Services GL slides (pdf)
13 Wed Apr 6 Energy Analyzing the energy efficiency of a database server RP slides (pptx)
14 Mon Apr 11 Multimedia Large-scale concept ontology for multimedia
Design and evaluation of an effective and efficient video copy detection system
14 Wed Apr 13 Graph Data On graph query optimization in large networks KY slides (ppt)
15 Mon Apr 18 XML Cost-based optimization in DB2 XML JW slides (pptx)
15 Wed Apr 20 IR in DB Toward scalable keyword search over relational data BH slides (pptx)
16 Mon Apr 25 Project Presentations    
16 Wed Apr 27 Project Presentations      
17 Mon May 2 Project Presentations      
17 Wed May 4 Project Presentations      

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