ICS 621 Analysis of Algorithms (Spring 2014 CRN 88618)

General Information


Grading (Tentative)

Class participation grades will be based on presentation of homework problems.

Homework Assignments will be assigned on the Wednesday of each week and are due the following Wednesday at 2359 hours in hardcopy. The homework assignments must be typeset in LaTeX with the homework number and your name displayed clearly on the front page. Please use one of the algorithms latex package (see wikibook) to typeset pseudocode (algorithmic.sty is recommended).

Class Schedule (tentative)

Week Date Topic Readings Videos Remarks
1 Mon Jan 13 Course Organization Ch 1.  
1 Wed Jan 15 Sorting Ch 2-4 Asymptotics. (screencast)
SelectionSort. (screencast)
InsertionSort. (screencast)
MergeSort. (screencast)
Reccurences. (screencast)
Problems 2-2 and 2-4.
2 Mon Jan 20 MLK Holiday  
2 Wed Jan 22 Sorting Ch.6 Heaps. (screencast)
HeapSort. (screencast)
Problem 6-3. hw01 (pdf). (tex).
3 Mon Jan 27 Sorting Ch.7 Quicksort. (screencast)
Worst Case. (screencast)
Avg Case. (screencast)
Problems 7-5, 7-6.
3 Wed Jan 29 Sorting Ch.8 Lower Bounds. (screencast)
Counting Sort. (screencast)
Radix Sort. (screencast)
Bucket Sort. (screencast)
Problems 8-2, 8-3.
4 Mon Feb 3 Order Statistics & Binary Search Trees Ch.9,12 Min Max. (screencast)
Partition. (screencast)
Median of medians. (screencast)
4 Wed Feb 5 Red-black Trees & Interval Trees Ch.13,14 Binary Search Trees. (screencast)
Red Black Trees. (screencast)
Order Stats Tree. (screencast)
Interval trees. (screencast)
hw02 (pdf). (tex).
5 Mon Feb 10 Amortized Analysis Ch.17 Amortized Analysis. (screencast)
Aggregate Mtd. (screencast)
Acct Mtd. (screencast)
Potential Mtd. (screencast)
Dynamic Tables. (screencast)
Problems 17-1, 17-2.
5 Wed Feb 12 Binomial Heaps Binomial Heaps 1. (screencast)
Binomial Heaps 2. (screencast)
Binomial Heaps 3. (screencast)
notes (pdf).
6 Mon Feb 17 President's Day Holiday  
6 Wed Feb 19 Fibonacci Heaps Ch.19 Fib Heaps 1. (screencast)
Fib Heaps 2. (screencast)
Fib Heaps 3. (screencast)
Fib Heaps 4. (screencast)
Fib Heaps 5. (screencast)
Problem 19-3, 19-4.
7 Mon Feb 24 Dynamic Programming Ch.15 DP1. (screencast)
DP2. (screencast)
DP3. (screencast)
Problem 15-2.
7 Wed Feb 26 Greedy Algorithms Ch.16 Scheduling 1. (screencast)
Scheduling 2. (screencast)
Knapsack. (screencast)
Problem 16-1. hw03(pdf). (tex).
8 Mon Mar 3 Hashing Ch.11 Hashing 1. (screencast)
Hashing 2. (screencast)
Hashing 3. (screencast)
Problem 11-1.
8 Wed Mar 5 Hashing Ch.11 Hashing 4. (screencast)
Hashing 5. (screencast)
Hashing 6. (screencast)
Hashing 7. (screencast)
Hashing 8. (screencast)
Cuckoo Hashing.
9 Mon Mar 10 Graph Algorithms:BFS,DFS,SCC,MST Ch.22-23 BFS. (screencast)
DFS Topo Sort. (screencast)
SCC. (screencast)
MST. (screencast)
Problem 22-2.
9 Wed Mar 12 Graph Algorithms: SSSP Ch.24 Bellman Ford. (screencast)
Dijkstra. (screencast)
Diff Constraints. (screencast)
Problem 22-2.
10 Mon Mar 17 Project Proposals 4 min presentations.
10 Wed Mar 19 Graph Algorithms: APSP Ch.25 DP. (screencast)
Floyd Warshall and Johnsons. (screencast)
Problem 24-3.
11 Mon Mar 24 Spring Recess  
11 Wed Mar 26 Spring Recess  
12 Mon Mar 31 Graph Algorithms:Max-Flow Ch.26 Problem. (screencast)
Aug Paths. (screencast)
algos. (screencast)
Max Matching. (screencast)
Problem 26-2.
12 Wed Apr 2 NP-Completeness Ch.34 Abstract problems. (screencast)
Encoding. (screencast)
Languages. (screencast)
Verification. (screencast)
13 Mon Apr 7 NP-Completeness Ch.34 NPC. (screencast)
TM. (screencast)
NDTM. (screencast)
Cook-Levin Theorem Proof (see handout).
13 Wed Apr 9 NP-Completeness Ch.34 SAT to 3SAT. (screencast)
SAT to 3SAT Proof. (screencast)
3SAT to VC. (screencast)
3SAT to VC Proof. (screencast)
Problem 34-3. Optional hw04 (pdf).
14 Mon Apr 14 NP-Completeness Ch.34 Reductions.
14 Wed Apr 16 Approximation Algo Ch.35 Vertex Cover. (screencast)
Randomized Algo. (screencast)
Problem 35-1.
15 Mon Apr 21 B Trees, B+ Trees, Parallel Disk Model. Ch.18, Vitter's IO Book (pdf) Ch. 1,2,5,11. None In-class lecture.
15 Wed Apr 23 Compression Algorithms: Huffman Trees, LZW, BWT Dynamic Huffman Codes Ch 16.3, LZW, BWT. Huffman Trees and LZW Animation  
16 Mon Apr 28 Guest Lecture from Prof. Nodari  
16 Wed Apr 30 Project Presentations  
17 Mon May 5 Project Presentations  
17 Wed May 7 Project Presentations  

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