Install DB2 Express-C on Ubuntu running on VirtualBox

Part I. Get Ubuntu running on your VirtualBox

To get VirtualBox running on your OS: 

--> Go to ( > Select the version for your OS > Save the .dmg (img1) 

--> Double-click VirtualBox.mpkg and it will install itself in your Application folder (img2)

To load Ubuntu on VirtualBox:

1. Download Ubuntu ISO-image ( (img3)

2. Create new Virtual Machine

--> Launch VirtualBox > Click New to create new Virtual Machine (img4) > For each panels, select the followings: 

> VM Name and OS Type (img5)

Operating System Linux 

Version Ubuntu

> Memory (img6) 1 GB

> Virtual Hard Disk (img7) Boot Hard Disk, 

Create new hard disk

> Hard Disk Storage Type Dynamically expanding storage

> Size 8 GB 

3. Load Ubuntu Linux VM (img8)

--> Double-click Ubuntu Linux VM > When wizard prompts for installation, Select CD/DVD-ROM and Image file under Storage > Indicate path to the ISO-image you downloaded

4. Install Ubuntu 

> Select Language and Select "Install Ubuntu" (img9) > Configure TimeZone > Configure Keyboard Layout (img10) > Partition (img11) > Enter name, username, password (img12) > Click Install > Restart 

5. Unmount .ISO (so it won't boot from the CD everytime)

--> VirtualBox VM > Devices > CD/DVD Devices > Unmount CD/DVD Devices --> if success, you will see your username at right-hand corner in the ubuntu window (img13)

6. Update Ubuntu 

--> Ubuntu > System > Administration > Update Manager (img14) > Install Updates (img15)

Part II. Get DB2 Express-C running on Ubuntu

To get DB2 Express-C:

From your original OS

--> VirtualBox VM > Devices > Install Guest Additions (You should see VirtualBoxAddtion.iso is checked under CD/DVD Devices) > Places > VirtualBoxAdditions > Open Autorun Prompt

--> VirtualBox VM > Devices > Shared Folders > Add Folder Icon > Folder Path > Other > Folder Name: NativeDownloads

--> Ubuntu > Terminal > type:

mk dir tmpsf

sudo mount -t vboxsf -o fmode=0644 dmode=0755 NativeDownloads tmpsf

cd tmpsf

cp DB2install_filename directory_db2_is_downloaded

From Ubuntu

--> Ubuntu > Firefox > > Download DB2 Express-C 9.7.2 for Linux (img16) > Proceed without an IBM ID > DB2 Express-C free database server (img7) > Download via html 

To install DB2 Express-C:

--> Ubuntu > Application > Accessories > Terminal > type:

cd directory_db2_is_downloaded

tar xzfv db2exc_972_LNX_x86.tar.gz 

cd directory_db2_is_expanded_to  

sudo apt-get install libstdc++5

sudo apt-get install libaio-dev 

sudo ./db2setup 

      > GUI pops out and follow along to install DB2 (img18)