ICS 101 XML Lecture (Spring 2010)

What is XML?

An Example of an XML Document

<xml version="1.0">
      <title>A Tale of Two Cities</title>
      <author>Charles Dickens</author>

      <title>Tom Sawyer</title>
      <author>Mark Twain</author>

      <title>The Wonderful Wizard of Oz</title>
      <author>Lyman Frank Baum</author>


XML in Action: RSS

XML in Action: FIXML

<FIXML xmlns="http://www.fixprotocol.org/FIXML-4-4" 
          xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.fixprotocol.org/FIXML-4-4  ../../schema/fixml-main-4-4.xsd" 
          v="4.4" r="20030618" s="20040109">
<!-- International Business Machines - FIXML Order sample -->
    <Order ID="54996" Side="1" TxnTm="2006-10-13T16:35:37-07:00" Typ="4" Px="55.86" Acct="101">
       <Hdr Snt="2006-10-13T16:35:37-07:00" PosDup="N" PosRsnd="N" SeqNum="196" SID="BROKERA" TID="BROKERB"/>
       <!-- Buy 500 shares of "ARMOR HLDGS INC" order type stoplimit -->
       <Instrmt Sym="AH" ID="43085154" Src="1"/>
       <OrdQty Qty="500"/>

XML in Action: FpML

XML in Action: Microsoft Office Open XML format

In Class Exercise

Create an XML document that indicates three cities you would like to visit. The XML document should contain a <desitination> container for each of the three cities. Each destination should have the following containers: