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Welcome to Barbara Liechty's public website for FSHE 185, the Science of Human Nutrition.

FSHE 185 is a 3 unit, online course administered using Laulima, the University of Hawaii chosen course management system. The course fulfills the AA/DB (Natural Sciences-Biological Sciences) and AS Natural Science degree requirements at Kapi`olani Community College, all nutrition competencies of the American Culinary Federation, and is articulated with all other culinary programs in the UH system. The course is transferable to the UH Manoa, but students should check with their UH Manoa program advisor as not all programs accept this class as their Natural Science.

This class has no on-campus meetings or assigned time discussions. All work and exams are completed online. All contact with the instructor is online.

Students on the neighbor Islands or who are out of the state or country are welcome to enroll in the class.

Course Catalog Description:

The integration of natural science concepts basic to the study of human nutrition. Emphasis is placed on the nutrient requirements of healthy individuals, nutrient categories and their characteristics, physiological functions, and food sources. Includes the review and adaptation of dietary practices to reflect current nutrition concerns and issues. The course is designed for the person who wants an introduction to nutrition and/or who may later choose to major in it. No college-level science background is required.

For Further Information: Kapi`olani Community College: http://www.kapiolani.hawaii.edu

UH Distance Learning: https://www.hawaii.edu/dl/

Laulima: https://laulima.hawii.edu

Refer to the most current Kapi`olani Community College Schedule of Classes - General Education Requirements for additional information on transfer.

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For additional information contact: Barbara Liechty

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