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The Road to Phase III

In January 1994, acknowledging both the state's fiscal constraints and the need to provide for the Library's short- and long-term space requirement through a phased series of building projects, the Library presented a revised space plan to UH President Mortimer: a smaller, simplified Phase III--a free-standing building, a smaller footprint, and standard floor loading (allowing no compact shelving); essential renovation of the existing building (Phase I and II); and a 25,000-square-foot storage facility. Phase III costs were revised from $51m down to $35m.

Hamilton Library at top of Education Fund List
Honolulu Star-Bulletin 1/13/94

"Finding money for expanding Hamilton Library at the University of Hawaii-Manoa is the top priority of the chairwoman of the Senate Higher Education Committee.

UH reviewing library plans: Hamilton expansion may be scaled back
What's next? UH officials will decide what to do about Hamilton Library expansion by summer and ask the 1995 Legislature to fund it.
Honolulu Advertiser 1/21/94

"UH officials may scale back plans for a $50-million-plus expansion of crowded Hamilton Library because of the high price tag.

"Officials are looking at something cheaper than the planned 168,000 square-foot extension", said Ralph Horii, University of Hawaii Senior Vice President for Administration.

"John Haak, the university librarian, said options include:

  • A simplified, $32.5 million Hamilton Addition involving around 150,000 square feet
  • Renovating the existing library -- removing asbestos and improving air conditioning
  • Building a separate storage facility somewhere on campus for old journals and other materials

"'It has, unfortunately, become more of a warehouse for books,' Thomas Brislin, UH associate professor of journalism, said. 'Now there is space for books and no space for learning.'"


Editorial Cartoon
Honolulu Advertiser 12/8/94

Editorial: Funds for UH Library should be restored
Honolulu Star-Bulletin 12/8/94

"Governor Cayetano says he will review the $7.1 million for completion of the new University of Hawaii sports arena. The arena is a welcome improvment to the Manoa campus.

"The same cannot be said of the Hamilton Library, which is the chief research library in the University of Hawaii System and as such a vital element in the whole university picture. No university is worthy of the name without adequate library facilities."



In 1996, as Paradise Palms neared completion, the older Hamilton Snack Bar was vacated by Marriot, thus clearing the way for its demolition -- and eventually construction of the Phase III Addition on the site.


Regents OK Library Addition; Governer, Legislature to decide on $36.5 million Hamilton Plan
Honolulu Advertiser 10/10/96

UH Library expansion deserves top priority
Honolulu Star-Bulletin 10/11/96

UH Library finally gets top priority
Honolulu Star-Bulletin 10/14/96


In April 1997, the Legisture appropriated funds for the construction of the Library Addition.

Relief from the squeeze; Hamilton Library will finally get to expand
Honolulu Star-Bulletin 6/20/97

"In the next few weeks, the University of Hawaii and the firm Matsushita, Saito and Associates will finalize the design for Hamilton's $36.9 million phase III Addition. The university will then go to bid on construction early next year, with groundbreaking next summer.

"UH Librarian John Haak said the structure's 90,000 square feet will enhance Hamilton's reputation as the 'academic arena' for UH and the state. He wants to integrate expanding electronic technology with traditional library resources to give users 'one-stop information shopping.'"





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