The Road to Phase III IMAGE


The Road to Phase III

Manoa Faculty Congress met in October, 1993 to discuss "Hamilton Library: a crisis of access and space."

Jean Ehrhorn (left) and Joyce Watson
Interim University Librarian Jean Ehrhorn and Building Planning Coordinator Joyce Watson presented a briefing on the current situation at Hamilton Library. The Library suffers from increasing use, a growing inventory of volumes, and deterioration in quality of space available for users. Allan Ah San, then Director of Campus Operations, presented an update on the status of the Library building project, explaining that because there are no funds appropriated for the construction of the Phase III Addition the State is reluctant to release funds already appropriated for further planning.


Drowning in Books: UH Hamilton Library Jammed, But Can't Expand

Honolulu Advertiser 10/21/93

"Severe overcrowding in the University of Hawaii-Manoa Hamilton Library is interfering with student studies and research, and may threaten UH's national accreditation", faculty and students said yesterday.

"And if the State continues to delay a $43 million expansion of the library building, UH soon may be forced to store books in warehouses off campus", UH officials said.

UH President Kenneth Mortimer
"Mortimer told the faculty senate he has met with Waihee and other officials to emphasize the need for the library expansion. Their response was, 'We seldom like to put out planning money when there in no appropriation to build,' Mortimer said."

Making space: 350,000 journals go to Sinclair Library.

The Library was filled up while progress on the Addition slowed to a crawl. To make space in Hamilton for new books and periodicals, the Undergraduate Collection at Sinclair Library was closed, and 350,000 older bound periodicals were moved from Hamilton to Sinclair.


UH Priorities: Library must expand

Honolulu Star-Bulletin Editorial 10/22/93

"The research library lies at the heart of a university. Ours needs help.

"As staff writer Emme Infante reported yesterday, the University of Hawaii's Hamilton Library is bursting its seams trying to hold a million volumes more than it was built to hold.

"A frustrated student described the overcrowded library as 'a damn zoo.'

"Regents, lawmakers, students: Where does the research library stand in your list of priorities? Maybe we can store some of the books below the bleachers of the new volleyball/basketball arena."

Hamilton Library running out of space for books & people

Honolulu Star-Bulletin 10/29/93

"Officials say UH may lose accreditation if things don't improve."

Editorial: Neglect of UH Library needs is scandalous

Honolulu Star-Bulletin 10/30/93

"It has been observed that the two basic things colleges and universities have to offer students are the faculty and the library. Everything else is secondary. At the University of Hawaii, however, library needs have been given a low priority by the Waihee administration. The situation is scandalous."

Corky's Hawaii IMAGE

Corky's Hawai'i
Honolulu Star-Bulletin 11/1/93

2 Friends of Hamilton Library [Representatives Shon & Hagino] get pushy

Honolulu Advertiser 11/22/93

"Two state lawmakers hope to put pressure on the state administration to get moving on improvements at the crowded, mold-infested University of Hawaii-Manoa Hamilton Library."

Editorial Cartoon IMAGE

Editorial Cartoon
Ka Leo o Hawaii 12/7/93

Letter from Andrew Eaton: What happened to '80 Plan for UH Library expansion?

Honolulu Star-Bulletin 12/25/93

"In 1980 when I was a visiting professor in the UH SLIS, I told my students in a course in academic library administration about the proposed enlargement of Hamilton Library, which was thought to be imminent. On returning to campus 13 years later, I was appalled to find that the project has not even been started!"




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