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The Road to Phase III

The UHM faculty weighed in early and often.

In August 1987, the Manoa Library Committee sent a report on Library space to UH President Simone:

"You will note the inescapable conclusion that within a few years the present facility will be incapable of housing our holdings…unless planning is begun at once and priority is given to the Library's space needs we will soon find ourselves in an intolerable situation."

Plea goes out to improve Hamilton Library

Ka Leo o Hawaii 12/12/91

"The books in the Hamilton Library are slowly squeezing out the book users. In a petition campaign sponsored by the Associated Students of the University of Hawai'i (ASUH), the facts show that Hamilton is in dire need of expansion.

"It's as if Hamilton serves as a storage room rather than an extension of the education process, [ASUH President Paul] Isono said."

Cartoon by Jon J. Murakami IMAGE

Hamilton Library -- 1991
Cartoon and t-shirt design by Library artist, Jon J. Murakami, 1991.

The students take up the cause

The petition was signed by 9,290 students, faculty, staff and friends, and presented by Paul Isono, President of ASUH, to the Legislature.

[pict of petition, P.Isono and J.Haak]

GSO and ASUH Fundraising Fair for the Library, February 26, 1992.

Students sponsor Hamilton benefit: ASUH, GSO raise over $600 for library expansion, Addition
Ka Leo o Hawaii 2/28/92

"GSO President Thuy Tran said that while proceeds from the fundraiser will not directly fund the Phase III Addition to Hamilton Library, she hopes that event will let legislators and other UH community members know that Phase III is top priority."

University Librarian, John Haak testifies at the Legislature in February 1992.

[retired] UHM University Librarian
"We sincerely appreciate the support the Legislature has provided the Library throughout the last decade. It has enabled us to build a fine collection, and to make great progress using the new information technologies.

"In order to keep the new Addition on schedule, the appropriation of design funds in the 1992-93 year is essential. The Board of Regents recognizes the urgency of the Library's need, and has moved Phase III to a high priority."

Senator Bertrand Kobayashi recommends savings from low bid on UH Parking Structure be used to improve Hamilton Library

Honolulu Advertiser 3/24/92

"The Library is undoubtedly the biggest and best teaching tool on campus," said Kobayashi, head of money matters for the Senate Education Committee, "but it is over capacity by 700,000 volumes, has had 900 chairs removed from its halls for lack of space and suffers from major air conditioning, mold and insect infestation problems."

The "Paperless Society" detour

In early 1992, when the "paperless society" was very much in the news, we had to take time out to answer the question: Can electronic storage and recovery eliminate the need for this Library Addition: the Library's response was, essentially, "not yet."


New Addition isn't enough: lag hurt library's Phase III expansion: Phase III: project will take years
Ka Leo o Hawaii 9/29/92

"The planned expansion to Hamilton Library has faced so many delays that it will not be as effective as was planned by the time it is built.

"The six-story Phase III expansion, to be built on the site presently occupied by the Hamilton Snack Bar, reached the top of the state's building priority list once but was knocked down. It took years to work its way back up the list."





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