Prepared by the Student Employment Office.

This replaces Administrative Procedure No. A9.860

dated April 1976.

April 1990





1. Purpose.

To establish grievance procedures for student assistants.


2. Applicability.

The provisions of this instruction apply to all student assistants as defined in Administrative Procedure No. A9.880.


3. Definition.

A grievance is an allegation that there has been a violation, misrepresentation or misapplication of a provision of Administrative Procedure A9.880. The following are excepted:


    1. Terminations during the ninety-day training period shall not be grievable.

    3. The classification of student assistant positions shall not be grievable.

    5. Grievances involving allegations of discrimination are to be filed under separate procedures applicable to that subject.


4. Procedures.


a. Informal Grievance Procedures

The student assistant should attempt to resolve the grievance on an informal basis with his/her immediate supervisor. Failing this, the student should contact the campus student employment officer who shall attempt to settle the grievance through mediation. If the grievance cannot be settled informally, the student may pursue the matter through formal grievance procedures.


b. Formal Grievance Procedures

A formal grievance must be submitted in writing and shall include the specific provision(s) of AP 9.880 alleged to have been violated and the relief requested. The formal grievance must be filed within ten (10) working days after the student employment officer informs the student that informal procedures have been exhausted.


1) A formal grievance shall be filed with the campus student employment officer who shall schedule a meeting on the grievance with the grievant within seven (7) working days of its receipt. The campus student employment officer shall then conduct a formal investigation and render a decision in writing to the grievant within ten (10) working days after the close of the review.


2) If the grievance is not resolved, the grievant may appeal the decision to the chief campus student affairs administrator at each campus or designee appointed by the chief campus administrator (i.e. provost, chancellor, or president) within ten (10) working days after receipt of the written decision by the campus student employment officer. Such appeal shall be in writing and shall specify the reason for appeal and include a copy of the grievance and prior responses. The chief campus student affairs administrator may act on the grievance based on the information presented or may appoint a committee consisting of faculty, staff and a student to review the case and make recommendations to him/her. The decision of the chief campus student affairs administrator or designee shall be final and binding upon all parties.



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