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Photocopiers/Debit Cards

 Photocopying Policy

Copyright Law - Material may not be reproduced without the permission of the owner unless it falls within the "Fair Use" definition of the copyright law (Title 17, United Stated Code). In addition US law forbids the reproduction of various documents and financial instruments. Please consult the US Copyright Office for more information.


The public photocopiers in the Hamilton, Sinclair, and Law libraries are intended for personal use only. The copy quality of the photocopiers is not designed or intended to be "of professional quality". When requested, Patrons will be assisted with some basic features on the Xerox, Savin, and Xerox color photocopiers. Patrons are encouraged to use the extra features if they are familiar with them. However the Library does not have sufficient staff to provide support to patrons wishing to use added or special features available on the photocopiers.


Photocopier paper, supplies, and problems

Paper and supplies for the Hamilton photocopiers are maintained by Circulation Stacks. They replenish paper and operating supplies as needed. They also make periodic checks of all of the photocopiers to ensure that they are working properly. Please contact Circulation for minor problems (paper jams, out of toner indicators) with any photocopier. However if there is a recurring problem or patrons require immediate assistance because of debit card or bill acceptor problems please contact Coin-OP at x64281 immediately.


Debit Cards

Library Faculty and Staff adding value to their department debit card should submit an intra-department requisition form (half-sheet) in duplicate to the Fiscal Officer for approval. Additional value may be encoded, up to a maximum of $50 on each card.

Non-library Faculty and Staff must submit their approved UH Requisition (pink form) in duplicate to the library Fiscal Officer. Pre-encoded cards are available with values of $20, 30, 40, or 50 (maximum) plus a $1 deposit for each card. The total amount should be the value of the card plus the $1 deposit (i.e. to purchase a $20 card, $21 must be paid). Returned cards with balances may be transferred onto new cards (see Hamilton Library Business Office) or credited to the purchasing department via a UH journal voucher. No additional value may be added or encoded to an existing card. Please submit a new UH Requisition form (download electronic version of Requisition form, requires Excel 97 or higher) to the Library for additional cards. Cards will be issued from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday.



Download files, Requires Excel 97 or higher

Electronic format files for

 AFP, FMIS Form 2

JV General, FMIS Form 22G, print on yellow paper

JV Payroll, FMIS Form 22P, print on yellow paper

Requisition, print on pink paper

Sole Source, Form 65

Price Reasonableness, Form 95

UH Invoice, Form 24

Library Services Intra-department supply request form, half sheet



Student Employment 

Download files, Requires Word 97 or higher 


Student Listing for Summer 99

Job Order Form updated 10/98

Policies and Procedures for Hiring Student Assistants at Library Services updated 8/98 View it

Promotion non-form fillable, updated 10/98

Step Increase form fillable using Word 97, updated 10/98

Step Increase non-fillable, updated 10/98



Requirements for continual Employment (as of 10/98)

All students must meet the requirements and policies set by the Student Employment Office.

This is a summary of the requirements from the SECEO Homepage. Please call x62481 or SECEO if you need further clarification.


Classified Students:

Undergraduate students

Must be at least half-time, 6 credits at any UH system campus. If not enrolled in 6 credits at UH Manoa, please verify enrollment with Student Employment Office at the beginning of each semester or summer session.

Graduate students

Must be at least half-time, 4 credits, or 1 credit 800 level, or 1 credit 700 level, with verification from Graduate Division.


Unclassified Students:

Graduate students

Must be enrolled in 6 credits. Outreach College credits may NOT be used to meet this requirement.

May work for first 3 semesters from the time they are first enrolled as an unclassified graduate student.

May not work during any period when there is no official class (including the Winter break, between Spring and Summer Session I, and between Summer Session II and Fall).

Must also be enrolled in at least 1 credits during each Summer Session in which they work.

Do NOT need to be terminated during interim periods but Student Employment must be notified by the student of their intention enroll or have proof of enrollment in classes for periods in which they will work.

Are subject to FICA and Medicare Taxes


Undergraduate students

Must meet eligibility requirements set by SECEO


International Students:

Must obtain the appropriate work permits from the International Student Services Office

Must obtain work permit from Student Employment.

May not work off campus unless approved by SECEO

Approval to take less than the minimum amount of credits must be approved by SECEO, not International Student Services.


Summer Employment

In January 1998 the Internal Revenue Service issued a new procedure regarding student wages and the FICA exemption relating to employment without being enrolled in classes.


Undergraduate and Graduate students

May work during Summer Session I and II and the breaks between Summer Sessions and regular semesters without attending Summer Session classes. However they are subject to the FICA assessment in the period in which they are not enrolled in at least 3 credits (which may include the breaks depending on the circumstances). Students must enroll in the PTS program if they are assessed the 7.5% withholding. Students are eligible to receive a REFUND of their 7.5% withholding after their termination from employment at UH or the State of Hawaii. (See PTS links below for an explanation and instructions for receiving a refund)



Undergraduate students

Are not exempt from the 7.5% FICA withholding unless specifically exempted under SECEO guidelines. They must participate in the PTS program and are eligible to receive a refund after permanent termination of their employment with UH or the State of Hawaii

Graduate students

Are not exempt from the 7.5% FICA withholding (including the regular semesters). Must participate in the PTS program and are eligible to receive a refund after termination of their employment with UH or the State of Hawaii.

Exception to these rules

Students who are on Visa status are not required to contribute to Social Security.


Please check the link below to obtain more information about the PTS program.

View or download files, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or higher (download Adobe Acrobat Reader free)

PTS Program Informational Booklet and Instructions

Enrollment and Beneficiary designation form

PTS Refund form for accounts with less than $3,500


Student Employment Classification Requirements

The above link provides a guide created by Student Employment to assist you in classifying the pay rate for your student assistant positions.


Student pay scale

It is the policy of the Library to start all newly hired students at the beginning step in each class (A1-1, A2-1, A3-1, A4-1, A5-1, A6-1). Please check the Student pay scale at the link above for the appropriate pay rate for your student assistant.


Student Grievance

Student Employment has an established grievance process for student employees. Please read the policy at the link above. Contact the Library Personnel Officer or Student Employment if you require further clarification or assistance.




Download files, Requires Word 97 or higher 

Leave batch submission sheet, form-fillable


Download files, Requires Excel 97 or higher 

OHR Form 2, form-fillable

OHR form 5, form-fillable




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