Washington Irving, U.S.S.S. Hartford
Photographed by S.B. Barnhard, Photographic Studio, Capetown. Adderly Chambers, Adderly Street.

Empty Window

Lt. Ths. N. Penrose, U.S.S.S. Hartford

Photograph of the stone erected over the mortal remains of the late T.B. Harris at Ellena, Kimanis River Borneo. A slab of granite with inscription in gold letters.

In memory of Thomas Bradley Harris late Honorable Chief Secretary of the Colony of Ambong and Maroodu; by birth a citizen of the U.S.A. Died 22 May 1866, aged 40 years. Erected by His Excellency the Rajah as a tribute of respect to an old, faithful and esteemed friend. "After life's fitful fever, he sleeps well."
Flags of the United States and American Trading Company of Borneo.
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