Nothing makes me happier than a few trout.

Trout are the most ubiquitous and popular fish for anglers in Oregon.  Trout can be found in lakes as well as streams.  There are natives and planters.  There are several types of trout.  In Oregon, Rainbow Trout are the most common.  Eastern Brook Trout are also in certain lakes.
There are many methods of catching trout, bait, lures, and flies.  Night crawlers work well.  Some anglers use cheese, marshmallows, salmon eggs, or grasshoppers. There are a number of lures that attract trout, and and endless varieties of artificial flies.  My favorite fly is a sinking nymph called a "stovepipe."  It looks like a grasshopper.  The Eastern Brook Trout in the photo were caught with a stovepipe.


Eastern Brook Trout

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  Last Updated: July 12, 2002  


Andy Lachman