Kloe Kang

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS (published articles on the work)
The Contemporary Museum of Honolulu, TCM Biennial of Hawaii Artists IX,September 2010
Honolulu Academy of Arts Blog,
,Artists Hawaii Blog 2009, June 2009
HONOLULU ARTS BEAT, “Visual Investigations at Koa Gallery”, September, 2009
HONOLULU ADVERTISER: “Trajectories" is all about Boundaries”, Courtney Biggs,Jan 18, 2009 HONOLULU WEEKLY: Art, “Trajectories”, Marcia Morse January 21-26, 2009
KOREA DAILY CENTRAL, Exhibit, 10 KoreanAmerican Artists”Sukkyung Park, Jan,10 2009
KOREA TIMES, KoreanAmerican Artists/lecture”, December 31, 2008
SPIRIT OF ALOHA: “Feature”, Rita Ariyoshi, March/April, 2008
MAUI NEWS: “Art for FOUR SEASONS, Rick Chatenever, Feb 17, 2008
HONOLULU STAR BULLETIN: “Seasons of Art”, Nadine Kam, Feb 17, 2008
HONOLULU WEEKLY: Galleries, “Two is better than one”, Marcia Morse Jan 31-Feb 6, 2007
HONOLULU STAR BULLETIN: “Working Together”, Joleen Oshiro, January 28, 2007
ART ACCESS: “ONLY CONNECT”, Molly Norris Curtis, April 20, 2006
HONOLULU STAR BULLETIN: “SEVEN UP”, Joleen Oshiro, March 26, 2006
HONOLULU ADVERTISER “Artists Find Strengths in Numbers” Marie Carvalho, March 19, 2006
KOREA DAILY CENTRAL-DC “Howard County Art Center” Mijin Kim, September 13, 2005
THE SUN IN HOWARD: “Dream Across the Pacific”, September 9, 2005
HONOLULU STAR BULLETIN: TODAY, “Shared Perspectives”, Keiko Ohnuma, September 11, 2005
HONOLULU ADVERTISER, “Koa Gallery Retrospective” David C Farmer, September 4, 2005
HONOLULU STAR BULLETIN: TODAY, “Portable Peace”, Joleen Oshiro July 3, 2005
HONOLULU STAR BULLETIN: "Servco Award of Excellence”, Nadine Kam,Aug 21, 2005
HONOLULU WEEKLY: Art, “Ladies Luck”, Marcia Morse September 1-7, 2004
HONOLULU ADVERTISER, “Seven Artists Luck”Victoria Gail-White, August 22 2004
KOREA DAILY CENTRAL-DC “Invitational at Korea Cultural Center” Mijin Kim, Aug.24, 2004
ART IN AMERICA: “Korean Crossing” Elenor Heartney, September 2004
ARTWEEK: Contemporary Museum, First Hawai‘ian Center, Marcia Morse, Dec, 2003/Jan 2004
KAPI‘O, “Art, the Poetry of Sight—Art Asked and Answered” Jesse Young, Nov. 4, 2003
HONOLULU ADVERTISER: “ Contemporary Korean American Artists” David Farmer, Oct 2003
THE MAUI NEWS: Currents, “Home Is Where the Art Is”, Paul Janes-Brown, Sep.14, 2003
CENTERPIECE Aug/Sep 2003, “No Place Like Home”, Art Review by Tom Stevens
Maui Arts & Cultural Center Seasons 2003-2004, “Exhibits”
HONOLULU ADVERTISER: “Aloha Ho‘omaluhia”, Victoria Gail-White May 18, 2003
HANKYOREH: Culture and Life in Honolulu, Kim Eun Hyung, February 12, 2003
HONOLULU ADVERTISER: Art Review, Victoria Gail-White Sunday October 13, 2002
HONOLULU ADVERTISER: “Soul Containers”, Victoria Gail-White Sunday March 31, 2002
HAWAII PACIFIC PRESS, “Hawai‘i Japanese Chamber of Commerce Exhibit” Sept. 20, 2001
HONOLULU WEEKLY: Art, “Birthmarks”, Marcia Morse May 19-25, 1999
HONOLULU STAR BULLETIN: MO’STUFFS, Thursday, September 9, 1999
THE KOREA DAILY OF HAWAII: Art, “Threshold” So Sang-bok, Wednesday, Sep. 23, 1998
 SELECTED PUBLICATIONS (image/writing contributions)
CROSSINGS 2003: Korea/Hawai‘i, (translation of Catalogue essays), 2004
PACIFIC READER: An Asian Pacific North American Review of Books,
The International Examiner (front cover art) Summer 2003
YOBO: Korean American Writing in Hawaii, (front cover/title pages) Bamboo Ridge Press, 2003
MANOA JOURNAL: The Century of the Tiger, UH Press (image contribution), Winter 2002
HONOLULU MAGAZINE: HONOLULU’S W5, (Front Cover Art), July 1998
THRESHOLD, Thesis Journal by Kloe Sookhee Kang, May 1998