History 496C W/Senior Thesis: Europe Spring 2004

Thursdays 3:00-5:30 p.m. Sakamaki A411

Dr. Karen Jolly
University of Hawaii at Manoa Department of History
office: Sakamaki A408 or Sakamaki A203
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The objective of this class is to give you an opportunity to develop your historical skills in research and writing. Several premises are at work in the design of this course:

  1. You are a senior history major interested in Europe. Over the course of your education, you have developed a good understanding of how history works as a profession and some of its major issues. Now you are going to be the historian, working independently on your own project.
  2. Writing is a process, even for professionals. Therefore, we will work through the process of building a research paper in stages, giving feedback along the way. No matter how skilled you are, walking through each step of the writing process is always beneficial.
  3. Learning is collaborative, so we will work together to improve our research and writing skills. You will not only learn from your colleagues' suggestions to you, but also from your efforts to assist others.

Recommended Texts:

The Paper:



History 496C Topic Selection Guidelines

  1. Pick a topic area (time/place) that you enjoy, and in which you have some background.
  2. Pick an issue, problem, or question that is open to differing interpretations.
  3. Pick something doable.

Writing Assistance

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