History 433 Spring 2004 Graded Writing

Writing Assignments (30%)

Bring in a 2-page paper (double-spaced, typed) for your assigned text on each of the following days (20%). The task: analyze how this primary source is evidence for something we are studying (relate it to issues in the textbook or from class discussion). The other 10% will be based on in-class writing assigments, usually a paragraph responding to a primary sources.

Research Paper (50%)

Alternate Track (Old English)

Instead of the research paper, submit a series of 5 2-3 page papers on texts read in sections III and IV of Mitchell. You choose which texts and submit the paper a week after we discuss that text. For each, analyze how the language reveals aspects of the culture and history in ways not visible in a modern English translation. In this track, students should also pay attention to the role of language in the other Writing Assignments as well.

Writing Expectations

Grading of all papers will be based on the following criteria:
  1. clear thesis and argumentation, indicated in the introduction and in the organization of the paper
  2. adept analysis of primary source as evidence
  3. vigorous, readable prose style free of grammar and syntax errors