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History 433 Summer Session I 1999
Medieval Cultures: The Crusades

Dr. Karen Jolly

Medieval Cultures is a new, topical course that takes a world and cultural approach to medieval history. This summer, we will examine the European Crusading movement from different perspectives--we will read Christian sources about the motives and experiences of European Crusaders, Jewish records of Crusader atrocities, Byzantine reactions to the Crusader activities, and Islamic descriptions and responses to the European Crusades. In addition, we will look at the cultural products of this interaction in art, architecture, and music.

This course takes an interdisciplinary approach and invites students from any area or interest to participate. No background in medieval studies or in history is required (other than the History 151/152 prerequisite). For History majors, this class does meet the World/Comparative category requirement. The Writing Intensive designation means that a) we will use writing to learn the material through in-class writing exercises and b) we will treat writing itself as a thinking process as each student works on a final paper project. Class time will focus on discussion of the assigned readings and developing ideas for the writing assignments.

Medieval Cultures uses the World Wide Web to access primary sources in translation and visual resources. Also, the course will access Maile for writing exchange and online discussion outside of class for those who are interested. Use of the web is not required--all assigned sources from the web will also be available in the Sinclair Library Reserve Bookroom.

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Course Outline

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Week 1 Origins of the Crusading Movement in Europe

Week 2 Impact of the First Crusade: Byzantine, Jewish, and Muslim Perspectives

Week 3 The Crusading Movement: Military Orders and the Second Crusade

Week 4 The Latin East: Kings, Warriors, and Historians

Week 5 Crosscultural Exchange: Art, Architecture, Music, Scholarship

Week 6 Modern Perspectives: Book Reviews


General and Medieval


Crusade course syllabi:

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