Islamic Arts & Science

A quick recap of important terms:

Dar al-Islam — The House of Islam

Jihad — the holy war or spiritual struggle against infidels

Sharia — Islamic Holy Law

Umma — the Community of the faithful



Pay attention to the representation of Muslims in the following three clips (from The Mummy, True Lies, and Malcolm X).


Misconceptions about Islam:

Pragmatic (eating pork and going on the Hajj)

Dynamic (continuing to develop)

Not necessarily fundamental or extremist



Unity vs. Fragmentation

Right practice vs. Sincere belief

Rationalism vs. Mysticism

Exoteric vs. Esoteric


Muhammad’s death (632):

  1. If Muhammad is the "Seal of the Prophets" then there can be no other prophets
  2. Loss of a political leader who can arbitrate differences
  3. Loss of connection with God
    1. Source of Divine revelation
    2. Interpreter of revelation
    3. Model Muslim