Clash of Civilizations?
War, Art, and Other Forms of Cross Cultural Exchange


  • Christian and Islamic: Clash of Civilizations?

  • Religious Warfare: Oxymoron?

  • The Arts and Cultural Exchange


Dome of the Rock 

I. Christian and Islamic Zones

A. maps: cores and peripheries

  1. spread of Christianity
  2. spread of Islam

B. cultural syntheses

  1. (Judeo-)Christian-x-x
  2. Arab-Islamic-x

C. religion and politics

D. Clash of Civilizations?

II. Crusade and Jihad

A. Warrior Cultures

B. Religious Warfare: Oxymoron?

Iberia: Reconquista

C. Holy Land: to whom does it belong?

D. Mutual (mis)perceptions

III. Scholarship, the Arts and Cultural Exchange

A. spread and adaptation

B. Aesthetics

C. Cultural Interactions: the good and the bad

The Itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela