Syrian Christian Art of the Sixth Century

syrmary.jpg - 32.8 K syrcens.jpg - 29.6 K

L: Ivory panel with Adoration of Virgin and Child. Syrian. 6th c. (London: British Museum). Manifests the solemn hieratic style and the Magi theme which were popular in the Levant. The style draws upon East Mediterranean traditions, and the content is Christian. Being a provincial work, we find a hieratic style. Mary is stiff, frontal, and stylized, although her figure has some plastic value. The twisted flute columns and portico is of Near Eastern inspiration. The flanking archangel (Michael?) lends a certain imperial character to this ivory.

R: Silver censer of Finike. Gospel scenes. 6th c. A.D. A sense of narrative, with a natural focus on the the local event of Christ's birth.

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