Kapi'olani Community College | 4303 Diamond Head Road | Honolulu, HI 96816

National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Learning
Project Leaders: Kelli Goya, Lisa Kanae, Judith Kirkpatrick, Tanya Renner
Project website: <http://www2.hawaii.edu/~kirkpatr/kite/eportcop.htm>

1. Research Focus

The Mälama Hawai'i program is developing an eportfolio for student self-reflection on learning experiences, self-assessment, and academic, career, and personal goals using Hawaiian values (e.g. laulima-cooperation, a‘o loko-inspiring others through example, mo‘olelo-storytelling, etc) as its kahua (foundation). The eportfolio also provides a mechanism for tracking students as they progress through their huaka‘i imi na‘auao (journey for life long learning).

2. Research question

Will this approach reliably elicit the kinds of skills and knowledge we intend to measure, promote deep reflection and personal assessment, give students the means to create a showcase for their work?

3. Drivers behind the program:

Faculty are already involved at various levels with eportfolios: pre-education and educational assistants programs; New Media Arts; Culinary; Hospitality; a developmental writing faculty committed to student course portfolios; a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) faculty who will have student research driven eportfolios as a part of their pre-transfer program.

4. Assistance desired:

Develop scoring strategies that will reliably measure the learning, especially the qualitative, abstract, and multidisciplinary learning, that can be demonstrated in an eportfolio; document whether similar structures can be used effectively across disciplines and/or across different levels of academic development.