National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Learning

(KapCC Project Leaders: Kelli Goya, Lisa Kanae, Judith Kirkpatrick, Tanya Renner)



Current issues

Our primary motivations for adopting an eportfolio program for this campus are learner-centered, and include the following goals:

  1. improve student learning

  2. improve assessment of student learning

  3. develop long-term relationships with students, from pre-enrollment to transfer and employment, enrich the information that students take with them when they graduate. 


1. Research focus is to identify those structures e.g., templates, assignments, instructions, and other scaffolding), that will:

2. Research focus:

Currently, faculty members are exploring how to structure eportfolio assignments for improvement of learning in a way that simultaneously produces measurable learning outcomes and a vehicle for students to display their work. Others have developed scoring rubrics and are in the process of testing them out with a variety of qualitative portfolio data, including assessment of written communication, assessment of critical thinking, and prediction of success in subsequent courses. There is also substantial interest in helping students to create ways to exhibit their achievements and abilities in an eportfolio that would provide the richness that a simple transcript cannot.

Topic to research with all campuses in the cohort.

 Our Malama Hawai'i program, which provides support for Native Hawaiian students, has piloted an eportfolio project that encourages students to assess their work in terms of Hawaiian values (e.g., cooperation, inspiring others through example, compassion, story-telling, and family connections).

 Current research

College Benefits

  KapCC will bring the following activities

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Professor Judith Kirkpatrick
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Eportfolio Project Manager
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