UH EECB Spring 2008 Journal Club

Journal Club Meets Fridays at 10:00 in St. John 400

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This semester we will be reading and discussing selections from Stephen Jay Gould's "The Structure of Evolutionary Theory" along with readings from current literature.

Have a look at the Table of Contents and the first chapter and begin thinking about any section(s) of which you would like lead the group discussion.

Table of Contents (PDF)

1st Chapter (PDF)




February 8: Nori Yeung - Historical Constraints and the Evolution of Development - Setting of Historical Constraints in the Cambrian Explosion (PDF)


Morris, S.C. 2006. Darwin's dilemma: the realities of the Cambrian 'explosion'. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 361:1069-1083. (PDF)

Erwin, D.H. & E.H. Davidson 2002. The last common bilaterian ancestor. Development 129:3021-3032 (PDF)


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