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Samir K khanal, ph.d., p.e.

"I grew up in the birth place of lord Buddha. I had a passion for teaching from my early age. I had my first teaching experience as a volunteer science and math teacher in Nepal, when I was just 17. I chose science as my major in college to become a science teacher. Unfortunately or fortunately (I don't know), I ended-up securing distinction in physics, chemistry and math. My teachers and peers persuaded me to go for a medical or an engineering school. During my biology class, I never enjoyed dissecting frogs and earthworms. At that point, I knew that I could never be a good doctor.  That's how I ended-up as an engineer. However, I never gave-up my dream of becoming a "teacher", and continued my graduate studies up to the doctoral level. I obtained all my degrees from asian universities (B.S. India, M.S. Thailand and Ph.D, Hong kong). In addition to my academic job, I enjoy playing racquet ball. By the way, I was an intramural champian at Iowa State. I also enjoy traveling. I travelled over 20 countries in five different continents."