Special Issue of the

International Journal of Children's Rights

The International Journal of Children's Rights published a Special Issue on Food and Nutrition Rights in Vol. 5, No. 4 (1997).   The major articles were as follows:

George Kent
"Editorial Introduction"
pp. 365-366

Urban Jonsson
"An Approach to Assess and Analyse the Health and Nutrition Situation of Children in the Perspective of the Convention on the Rights of the Child"
pp. 367-381

F. Catherine Johnson
"USAID Child Survival Programmes:  Adopting a Human Rights Approach"
pp. 383-395

Michael C. Latham
"Breastfeeding--A Human Rights Issue?"
pp. 397-417.

Leah Margulies
"The International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes:  A Model for Assuring Children's Nutrition Rights Under the Law"
pp. 419-438

George Kent
"Realizing International Children's Rights through Implementation of National Law"
pp. 439-456

George Kent
"Realizing Infants Nutrition Rights"
pp. 457-472

Clicking on any of the above article titles will connect you to the draft manuscript for the article.  As a result of the editing process, there are differences between these drafts and the  versions in the journal itself. 

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