Hawaii Library Association Mentoring Program Committee

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Our Purpose:

The HLA Mentoring Program Committee is charged with establishing and implementing a mentoring program that will help match a senior member with a newer member, such as LIS students. The senior member (the mentor) and the newer member (the mentee) are encouraged to interact with each other in person at professional events, such as the HLA annual conference, and to stay in touch throughout one year. The mentoring program is designed to facilitate closer professional relationships and personal growth within Hawaii's library profession. The program encourages the participants to share knowledge, experiences, and expertise with each other for both professional development and mutual benefit.


The Mentoring Program is open to all HLA members. Mentees can either be HLA student members or HLA members. The official mentor period is for one year, although both parties are certainly welcome to extend this period. Participants who want a mentor should either:

1) Select a potential mentor on the list of mentors (and see if she or he would be willing to be your mentor).

2) Request the HLA Mentoring Program Committee to assist you in locating a mentor with closely-matched interests.  In such cases, please e-mail Keiko Okuhara with the following information: [a] What type of library are you interested in working at (such as public, school, academic, military, special, or other), [b] On what island do you wish to be employed, [c] What aspect of librariansip are you looking for mentoring assistance (such as instruction, reference, cataloging, etc.), [d] Contact information (full name, address, e-mail, and which would be best to reach you), [e] Your current situation (such as second semester LIS student, or hired at XX library in January 2007), and lastly please [f] Briefly outline your professional goals for the next 3 years.

Feel free to contact the HLA Mentoring Program Committee chair Keiko Okuhara with any questions or comments.


HLA Mentoring Program Committee

Keiko Okuhara, Chair; Jessica Marie Momilani Gleason, Lori M. N. Kidani, Loraine Oribio, Gwen Sinclair, Andrew Wertheimer.

This page last updated: 8 March 2008