Course Projects

See LIS Coursework for examples of class-related projects.

Finding Aids

As a volunteer in the University of Hawai'i at Manoa's University Archives & Manuscripts Department, I processed three collections of manuscripts and other papers produced by musicians and composers with Hawai'i connections. Beginning with mostly unprocessed materials, I inventoried and appraised the items, prepared a processing plan, arranged the collections, and created finding aids. Finding aids for the Alexander Borisoff Papers and the Ruth Orcutt Bacon Papers are available in ArchivesSpace. A third finding aid is still in the works.

Legacy Serials Collection Assessment

Working in collaboration with a collection assessment librarian, I helped to inventory 18,000+ pre-1980 serial titles to reduce the collection's footprint in a secondary library location. I developed workflows for verifying holdings, measuring shelf space, evaluating condition, and transferring and withdrawing materials, and I collected supplemental information on the items inventoried, such as alternative sources, inclusion in HathiTrust, and the number of institutions holding a given title (per WorldCat/FirstSearch). I provided selectors with inventory reports and coordinated the execution of their decisions about withdrawals and transfers. Based on supplemental information and my subject expertise, I made some preliminary recommendations to expedite selectors' review process. I also determined which items needed urgent preservation work, performing simpler repairs myself. My supervisor and I reported on this project at the Hawai'i Library Association's 2015 conference. Our presentation slides are available here.

Rights Research on Out-of-Print Books

One of my major projects at the University of Hawaii Press involved researching the rights status of approximately 3,000 backlist titles, many which were out of print. I conducted research in the Press's archives, reviewed contracts, verified copyright registration and renewals (using Stanford's Copyright Renewal Database and the U.S. Copyright Office's copyright catalog), reviewed permissions records for illustrations and other third-party content. Along the way I became very familiar with issues connected to digital and print-on-demand publishing, authors' rights, U.S. copyright law, fair use in library and publishing contexts. As I evaluated titles for backlist revival and/or sale via popular library-focused digital platforms, I studied library purchase and use patterns and consulted with librarians and library vendors to understand what libraries currently need from non-profit scholarly publishers. I also worked with librarians and scholarly communication specialists at the University of Hawaii library to select titles for inclusion in the university's institutional repository, ScholarSpace, and outlined a program to facilitate further deposits by sharing information about the repository with authors of out-of-print titles and inviting them to participate.