Keaholoa STEM Program
Promoting Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Education



Keaholoa STEM Scholars Program Research Internships

The Keaholoa LSAMP Scholars Program offers research internships to University of Hawai'i at Hilo students who would like to gain experience conducting scientific research. Under supervision of faculty, agency and/or industry mentors, students will explore a variety of topics related to our island environment. Generally, research will involve a combination of work in the field and laboratory, as well as computer-based spatial analysis and bibliographic research. The Keaholoa STEM Scholars Program is a collaboration of the Keaholoa STEM Program and the newly formed Islands of Opportunity Alliance-LSAMP. This collaboration was established in 2007 to provide ethnically underrepresented undergraduate students with a multitude of opportunities to ensure success while pursuing their Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) baccalaureate degrees at UHH. These National Science Foundation (NSF) funded programs seek to not only increase graduation rates of those students, but also to foster the development of successful student researchers, so that upon graduation they can competitively enter the workforce or pursue graduate studies.

Target Group and Research Projects

The internship program is open to Native Hawaiian and other students belonging to groups not well-represented in the sciences - students who would like to gain experience doing scientific research. Under supervision of mentors, students will explore a variety of science topics related to our island environment. Current Fall 2010 internships and scholars are:
  • Aquaponic System Analysis - Rory Akau and Alana Ortiz
  • Marine Resource Management / Opihi Monitoring (Kiholo and Kalaemano) - Nakoa Goo, Kim Morishige, Kamala Anthony, and Nick Sagum
  • Dry Forest Preservation - Davida Caves
  • Chemical Composition of Hawaiian Herbs - Charish Correa
  • Investigation of Age Structure and Growth Dynamics of Mamane - Leina'ala Hall
  • Lychee Browning - Samantha Hanabaga
  • The Desert Tortoise and Climate Analysis - Miki Iaukea-Lum
  • Assessment of the Keaholoa Summer Intensive Program - Ashlee Kalauli
  • EDXRF of Surface Lithic Flakes from Lalamilo - Iolani Kauhane
  • SHPD State Historic Preservation Division - Uilani Macabio
  • Ka I'a Hamau Leo / Bi-valves - Pua'ala Pascua
  • Ethnobotany: Traditional use and practice - Mahina Patterson
  • Marine Resource Management (Kalapana) - Niegel Rozet
  • Mamane Studies in the Kanakaleonui Bird Corridor - Kastino Roby
  • SHPD State Historic Preservation Division - Aoloa Santos
  • Water Quality in West Hawaii - Danielle Stickman
  • Preditors of Bird Abundance Across Habitat Fragments - Brittany Sung
  • Characterization and Stabilization of Narrow Therapeutic Index Drugs - Eric Tsuji
  • GIS - Amy Waishog
  • Mapping Oral History (GIS) - Jacob Yung

Please find research internship information and applications for Spring 2008 below. The priority application deadline is December 14, 2007. Please consult the Internship Project List below, and contact Drew Kapp (, Kealoha Kinney ( and/or Ulu Ching ( with any questions.